We offer free home demonstrations on our range of wheelchair handcycles: Firefly and Triride.

The Firefly is a powerful compact electric handbike attachment for use with manual wheelchairs.

You can turn your manual wheelchair into a powered handbike giving you the ability to go anywhere you want including over rough terrains and up steep gradients.

Reach a speed of up to 12.5 MPH with a range of up to 15 miles or more… The possibilities are endless.

The Triride wheelchair power attachments are available in a range of models to suit your needs and are compatible with wheelchairs with swing away legrests.

They are lightweight so that they are easy to store in your car and can get you up to 15mph.

Try before you buy 

We are now delighted to be able to offer home demos of the Firefly and Triride throughout the North of England.

Get in touch to arrange your free home demonstration – call 028 92 633 798 and our Product Specialist Carl will be delighted to arrange a time and place convenient to you.

We are ISO9001 certified and a member of the British Healthcare Traders Association so you have peace of mind that you are dealing with a reputable and trusted family business.

We have been a family business since 1846.

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Firefly wheelchair power attachment

Firefly wheelchair power attachment

firefly-wheelchair-power-attachment -edinburgh

The Firefly is a powerful compact electric handbike attachment for use with manual wheelchairs.

Use of the Firefly gives users the ability to go anywhere they want including over rough terrains and up steep gradients.

The Firefly can reach speeds of up to 12mph but we can limit this for you to suit your child’s abilities and circumstances.

The Firefly is great fun and young people in particular get great enjoyment from the freedom and independence it can provide and the fact that wheelchair use can become fun is a unique novelty.

Firefly compatibility

The Firefly can attach to almost all wheelchairs with fixed front legs.

This can include folding wheelchairs - as long as the front legs / forks are fixed in place.

The Firefly cannot attach to wheelchairs with 'swing away' front legs.

It is compatible with wheelchairs with a seat width between 14" and 22".

For narrower wheelchairs - please see the document in the 'downloads' tab that shows how the frame can be made to be more narrow.

For wheelchairs with a seat with of less than 12" then we can supply a custom built frame - just choose this option above.

There is an image in the gallery to help demonstrate this and we are here to help anytime on 028 92 633 798.

Firefly is not a Class 3 product and is therefore not to be used on the public highway in the UK.  It is not advisable to use this in the rain and you should avoid puddles where possible.

 Key features

  • Clips on and off your existing wheelchair in seconds
  • Go twice the speed of a power wheelchair
  • Takes you anywhere you want,
  • including hills and over grass
  • Loads easily in any car
  • Maximum user weight  115kg
  • Silver and black powder coat

Triride wheelchair power attachments




The TriRide is available in a range of models and optional accessories to suit your individual needs.

All TriRide wheelchair attachments come with amazing standard features.

The Triride models include:

  • Triride The 8 wheelchair power attachment – has a front 8″ wheel and is best suited for indoors or short trips to the shops.
  • Triride foldable model – folding wheelchair power attachment for those who love to travel. It is lightweight (just over 7kg) and easy to store.
  • Triride special light model – wheelchair power attachment with powerful motor (1200w or 1900w), yet lightweight at only 9kg.
  • Triride special compact model – wheelchair power attachment that stores easily into the boot of your car.
  • Triride special L14 model – equipped with a 14″ front wheel so you can take you anywhere including urban strees, country paths and sand / snow.
  • Triride special L16 model – equipped with a powerful motor, 16″ front wheel, and takes you over any terrain including grass and gravel.

Key features

  • 100% Italian designed and manufactured.
  • Compatible with a wide range of wheelchairs. Contact us to discuss compatibility.
  • EASY TO ATTACH – auto docking system.
  • Traction Control – reducing wheel spin.
  • Regenerative braking – effeciently re-charges the battery when in free wheel mode.
  • Lightweight and comes in a foldable version – perfect for those who love to travel. Ideal for storage and transportation.
  • Equipped with cruise control.
  • Various quad attachments available including the quad throttle system / braking system.
  • Programmable electronic braking.

Choose from a range of options and accessories

  • Frame lever locks
  • Kick stand accessory
  • Travel bags and battery covers
  • Choose your preferred tyre
  • Range of colour coded mud guards
  • Choose your ideal stem length
  • Wide range of quadriplegic options e.g. throttle / brake systems.

Get in touch to arrange your home demonstration