Mobility & Healthcare Hire and Rental

We understand that there may be occasions when people require mobility equipment for a shorter period of time. You may not need to purchase mobility equipment as our range of mobility rentals offer cost effective solutions to these short term needs. We offer a range of mobility equipment for hire both in Northern Ireland and Scotland including;

Hospital bed rental

Patient Hoist rental

Wheelchair rental

Typically users may have a short term requirement for these items to help with recuperation, respite or also holiday needs. The minimum rental period is one week and we offer longer rental terms if needed - full details can be seen in each listing linked above. Our dedicated and friendly team of experts will provide advise regarding our range of rental equipment and check availability for you anytime on 028 92 67 70 77. If in Scotland you should call 0131 440 3929.

For anyone likely to struggle with the collection and installation of our hospitals beds or patient hoists on their own, we also offer a white glove engineer led delivery / installation /collection service in Northern Ireland, Leinster, and the central belt of Scotland. All equipment is sanitised upon return and inspected before being prepared for the next rental customer.


Hospital bed rental in Northern Ireland and Scotland

Electric Profiling beds provide a host of features designed to make life easier for disabled and chronically ill people. Our beds include electrically powered height adjustment, backrest and knee break to give a full profiling and prevent the occupant from slipping down the bed. If you are no longer able to sleep in an everyday bed and require short term use of a hospital style bed at home, then our hospital bed rental service is probably the solution for you.   

We hire our electric profiling beds together with a basic foam mattress and waterproof cover on a weekly rate and we provide a white glove installation service offering a thorough demonstration of the bed.   As an option we can also provide a very high risk alternative pressure Air mattress and pump system suitable for management of up to Grade 4 pressure sores as part of a rental agreement.

Our rental service is available in Scotland, and in Ireland & Northern Ireland in Leinster and Ulster provinces.

See full details on our hospital rental bed here

If you need to purchase a profiling bed you can see the full range here

Patient Hoist rental in Northern Ireland and Scotland

Our patient hoist rental model is the Invacare Birdie Evo 180 patient hoist. The Invacare Birdie Evo 180 hoist allows maximum space for the user while being easily folded and unfolded by the carer without the need for tools. The user can be comfortably lifted from the bed, chair or even the floor.  The high boom maximises the space for the client even when the hoist is in the highest position which means the client can be easily rotated in the hoist. This makes the transfer much easier for the carer and also reduces the risk of injury to the client’s knees as they will not be close to the actuator of the hoist. The Birdie takes up minimal space when stored as it can be folded and unfolded easily and is easy to push and transport. Emergency stop and emergency lowering. Detachable Battery for off board charging. Compatible with Loop attachment slings

See full details of our patient mobility hoist available for rent here
If you wish to purchase a mobile patient hoist you can see our full range here

Wheelchair rental in Northern Ireland and Scotland

Our wheelchair rental fleet includes both self propelled and attendant propelled models and are available to rent by the week.

See full details of our rental wheelchair here

If you require a wheelchair for more than a few weeks it can be more cost effective to buy one of our lightweight wheelchairs such as the Days Escape Lite, click here for details.

N.B. Hirer’s Responsibilities: The Hirer assumes full responsibility for the Goods from the time of installation to time of collection by our engineers. The hirer is responsible for any loss or damage caused to the goods during this period. The cost of replacing or repairing goods will be borne in full by the Hirer. Deposits (if levied) will be returned only when any losses and damages have been made good and late return charges have been settled. Goods lost or damaged will be charged for at full hire rate until the loss or damage is settled in full. Full terms and conditions available on request.