Immersive Reality

Immersive Reality offers many amazing opportunities when it comes to making learning and experiences more accessible for people with disabilities. These spaces don’t require the use of a VR headset, but offer users a shared, multi-user experience that encourages interaction of all involved.

The 360-degree view makes one feel like they are actually experiencing the experiences for real. They make users feel part of a particular environment or situation being simulated. They are paricularly useful for those with special educational needs and disabilities creating unique opportunities for users to learn, explore, and even practice real life scenarios.

Removing the use of a headset makes immersive reality more accessible, as some users find headsets difficult or uncomfortable to use. At John Preston we are now offering design and installation of Immersive reality environments. These environments can be used by adults and children alike in a variety of settings including care homes, hospitals, hospices, schools and much more.

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We are on hand to offer expert advice on our Multisensory Learning Environments and our Immersive Rooms to ensure you get the correct fit to your exact requirements.