John Preston has a target to be fully carbon neutral by 2038. We have implemented several measures to reduce our carbon impact and take a more sustainable approach to our business and how we use our resources. 

We acknowledge the medical, mobility and healthcare industry is not as green as it could be; much of our equipment is produced by suppliers across the world; these products have to be shipped or flown to us. We then must deliver these products to our customers, via courier or when our engineers and product specialists visit clients. All of this requires energy in one way or another, from jet fuel to diesel for our fleet of vans. While much of this is unavoidable, we are determined to do what we can to improve.

  • Training and Development 
  • Changing Energy Sources
  • Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
  • Single Use Plastic
  • Paperless Office
  • Hybrid Working

Training and Development

John Preston is Green Energy certified and has signed the Climate Action Pledge. We will continue to seek ways to reduce our carbon emissions and implement sustainable resources across our business.

Renewable Energy Sources

We are proud to confirm our offices, warehouse and showroom are powered by renewable, zero carbon electricity.

Electric Powered Vehicles

We recently added a fully-electric van to our fleet of service and delivery vehicles. With an on-site charging station, we use our electric vehicle for local handovers and deliveries. By switching to electric powered, we improve efficiency by not using diesel vans for shorter journeys and we reduce our carbon emissions. We aim to add replace our existing diesel vans at end of service.

Single Use Plastics

Plastic is an unavoidable material in the medical and healthcare industry, many of our products are wrapped in plastic for hygiene and protective reasons. However, we can do our part by limiting what we contribute to this. We recycle all our cardboard packaging and we use recycled cardboard boxes in our despatched orders. We will be replacing our standard packing tape with paper-based tape which is degradable and does not need to be removed prior to recycling. We are also sourcing alternatives to plastic pallet wrap and strapping.

Paperless Office Culture

By automating much of our reporting and digitising our filing, we have reduced our consumption of paper across our admin teams.

Hybrid Working

A large portion of our staff drive to work, we estimate this equates to 43,000 miles per year. By offering a hybrid work option, we reduce single occupancy car journeys and fuel emissions.

We will continue to make improvements to our operations and implement measures and policies to ensure our sustainability commitment.