Sensory Room Designs

Sensory Room Designs can help those who have learning difficulties, developmental disabilities or impairments develop and engage their senses, in a safe environment that builds up their confidence and abilities. Sensory Rooms offer users a space to relax, destress and to develop their sensory skills.

At John Preston we have a comprehensive range of Multi-Sensory Environments available. We supply a wide range of ROMPA and Sensory Plus equipment in Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland. We work with hospitals, schools, specialist care facilities and private clients to deliver multi-sensory rooms and equipment for people of all ages and abilities. Our team pride themselves in delivering sensory room installation to the highest of standard. 

Our sensory range includes play items, interactive lighting, weighted items, as well as floor and wall padding. All sensory equipment is tailored to produce a stimulating, engaging or calming effect for the specific needs of the user.