Firefly wheelchair handbike attachment - FREE home demos throughout Ireland.

The Firefly wheelchair handbike attachment is designed to turn your manual wheelchair into a powered trike so you can regain your freedom.

Now you can take your manual wheelchair wherever you want including rough terrain, steep gradients, sand and snow without straining your shoulders.

The Firefly  is a powerful compact electric handbike attachment that clips on and off your wheelchair in seconds.

It is compatible with wheelchairs with a fixed front frame (not swing-away legrests) and can be fitted to children's wheelchairs from 10" frame width!

Choosing the best wheelchair power attachment for you…

It is important to make sure you choose the right power attachment ensuring it is compatible with your wheelchair and suits your needs and lifestyle.

We highly recommend when choosing the best power attachment for you that you try before you buy!

Firefly wheelchair handbike attachment


Key features

The Firefly is a powerful compact electric handbike attachment for use with manual wheelchairs.

  • Offers users the ability to go anywhere they want including over rough terrains and up steep gradients.
  • Top speed of 12mph (please note that the legal speed limit for using such a device in public places is 4mph).
  • 15 mile range.
  • Total weight 11.2kg.
  • Charging time 4 hours.
  • Max user weight 115kg.
  • Airline approved lithium battery (238Wh).


The Firefly is compatible with wheelchairs with a fixed front frame (not swing away legrests)

This can include folding wheelchairs – as long as the front legs / forks are fixed in place.

It is compatible with wheelchairs with a seat width between 14″ and 22″.

For children’s wheelchairs with a seat width from 10″ then we can supply a custom built frame!

Firefly is not a Class 3 product and is therefore not to be used on the public highway in the UK.  It is not advisable to use this in the rain and you should avoid puddles where possible.

Firefly wheelchair compatibility

Videos of the Firefly wheelchair handbike attachment





Happy customers


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We offer free, no obligation assessments and demonstrations throughout Ireland both in client’s homes and in professional care environments.

Our Product Specialist, Francis McClorey can bring the Firefly out to your home or professional care environment and carry out an in-depth assessment to make sure it is right for your needs/lifestyle.

Francis works with OT's/Occupational Therapists throughout Ireland to ensure the correct solution is chosen for the individual.

Want to book your free home demo? Call us on 028 92 677 077 and our expert team will be delighted to help.

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