Triride T-Rocks Off-Road wheelchair power attachment now available

The T-Rocks handcycle is the first off-road wheelchair attachment from Italian manufacturers,  Triride. We are a leading supplier of wheelchair power attachments and we offer home demonstrations throughout the UK & Ireland.

The T-Rocks knows no obstacles - now you can take your wheelchair over off road trails, bumps and steps at ease.

  • Attaches in seconds to the front of your manual wheelchair
  • Lightweight (12.5kg)
  • Easy to store in the boot of your car
  • Off-road switch to travel over rough terrain in your wheelchair

Triride have a wide range of wheelchair handbikes available and we offer home demonstrations so you can try them out at home.

Triride T-Rocks Off-Road Electric wheelchair attachment


The new Triride T-Rocks Off-Road Electric attachment for wheelchairs knows no obstacles. 

The double battery and the entire Triride tecnology concentrated in one device gives the autonomy to satisfy the freedom desire beyond all limits. 2000 watt power and the IBS Brake System allows the performance’s total control and full customisation. The T-Rocks handcycle has a 20" rim and the fat tyre brings the wheel close to 24". This is great when riding on uneven surfaces and over bumps and steps. T-Rocks comes in two versions: a single 48V x 10Ah battery or a dual 36V x 10Ah batteries connected in series. The docking frame (tilting frame + connecting arms) is “reinforced”, the arms are 22mm in diameter. They also have a different shape than the standard docking frame having a bend as they come out of the tilting frame.

Technical specification 

  • Max Power 2000W
  • Electronics by Triride
  • Reverse
  • Cruise Control
  • Assisted Load
  • IBS – Intelligent Braking System
  • Weight: 12,5 Kg
  • 20” wheel with integrated motor
  • LCD Display
  • Double Lithium-ion battery or 36V single battery
  • Powerful disc brake
  • Cross Tyre
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Off-Road switch
  • 5 Speed levels
  • Triride range colors or customized

Standard features

  • IBS breaking system with Motor-Brake button.
  • Cruise Control
  • Electronically assisted lifting of the casters
  • Reverse
  • Reinforced Package
  • Fat Tyre

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Want to test drive wheelchair power attachments?


We offer demonstrations throughout the UK and Ireland.

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Our Product Specialist will carry out an in-depth assessment to make sure the Triride is right for you and order something to suit your exact specifications.