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Why a FreeWheel?

Put simply - this innovative product gives you freedom, independence and mobility.

The FreeWheel allows you to easily and safely traverse any rough terrain. Whether it's the urban jungle that is Glasgow, Dublin or London, going to your child's football game ... or a triathlon, the FreeWheel is the answer.

Weighing less than 5 lbs. it is easy to install ... and when you go inside, it easily stores on a "perch" on the back of your chair, which is included with the FreeWheel.

The Freewheel is a rugged, lightweight (under 2.5kg) add on wheel which quickly clamps simply and securely to the one-piece footrest of your rigid-framed (non folding) wheelchair, allowing you to push over surfaces that would otherwise be difficult or impossible.

The FreeWheel lifts the front castors off the ground, turning your wheelchair into a sturdy three-wheeler that can take you almost anywhere you want to go. Grass, kerbs, and rough roads can be easily navigated, resulting in vastly increased mobility and independence.

Built from strong, aircraft quality aluminium, the patented FreeWheel is designed to fit securely on most manual, rigid frame wheelchair footrests, giving a secure fit and excellent handling (footrests higher than 4.5" off the floor will require a custom frame).

The large front wheel has less resistance than small castors and makes it easier to roll on any surface, whether you are alone, or with a companion. A detent mechanism keeps the front wheel straight to improve stability and handling but, by applying slight pressure, it will release, allowing you to quickly and easily turn in any direction.

The FreeWheel comes complete with an attachment that locks onto the crossbar behind your seat back and holds your FreeWheel firmly in place when you need to stow it.

What is included in the pack?

Comes with everything you need to fit your footrest as well as a storage perch. Kit includes multiple rear ends, shims and perch parts that can be configured to fit different types of footrests. Instructions included.


The FreeWheel is designed to be used on a manual wheelchair with a rigid footrest.  The initial installation may take approximately 15 min., after that the FreeWheel clamps on and off in seconds.

Folding Frame Wheelchairs

If you want to fit Freewheel to a folding frame wheelchair,  you will need to order the Freewheel folding wheelchair adaptor.


If the distance from the top of your footrest to the floor is more than 4.5" (11.4 cm), please contact us to discuss a custom frame FreeWheel.

Footrest Height

If the height of your footrest is over 4-3/4" you may require a custom frame FreeWheel. Please contact us for more information.

Footrest Angle

If the angle of your footrest is more than 12% the FreeWheel may not work. Please contact us for more information.he pac

The package weighs 5kg and the dimensions are 58cm x 35cm x 9cm

We have dedicated Product Specialists here to help on 028 92 67 70 77 - do not hesitate to contact us with any queries or questions that you may have - including checking if this is compatible with your wheelchair.

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