Francis our product specialist had the pleasure of providing Michelle with our new all terrain wheelchair package.  The package includes the Excel G Explorer wheelchair, and is supplied with a Freewheel, folding chair adaptor and compatible shims. 

The family purchased the kit as they wanted to propel over terrain that their normal wheelchair found problematic. In the amazing weather Michelle and her family were able to visit the Mussenden Temple, travelling over grass, muck and stone lanes with ease.

The wheelchair package is perfect for those looking to travel over rougher terrain

The G Explorer wheelchair is kitted out with mountain bike tyres, and it has a lightweight yet durable frame.

It can fit into almost any car boot making long drives no hassle. The backrest angle has also been adjusted to give the user a more natural seating position, providing perfect precision lumbar support. To make the attendant experience more comfortable the chair has height adjustable handles, this makes pushing easier for the attendant. The chair not only looks great but offers great control.

Key features 

  • Half-folding backrest
  • Removable upholstery
  • Adjustable footplate heel loops
  • Ultra-lightweight aluminium frame
  • Swing-away and removable legrests
  • Wide puncture proof front castor wheels
  • Height adjustable push handles and armrests
  • Quick release rear wheels with 24″ mountain bike style tyres
  • Quick release fold in one mechanism engaged by pulling the seat upholstery
  • Easily folds and disassembles for transportation

The Freewheel is an all-terrain add-on that fits both rigid and folding wheelchairs.

The large wheel provides less resistance and allows your chair to roll over almost any surface with ease. It weights under 2.3kg, making it extremely lightweight and transportable.

The frontwheel attaches to the footrest of your wheelchair. Once attached, the FreeWheel lifts the front castors off the ground allowing you to tackle terrain that would normally be impossible for small castors.

Key features

  • Large front wheel gives smooth ride over rough surfaces
  • Rolls over cobbles and uneven terrain smoothly
  • Ideal to pair up with offroad Wheels
  • Fits most rigid frame chairs with fixed one-piece footplates
  • Optional Adapter available to fit folding chairs
  • Attach the FreeWheel to the back of your chair when not in use 
  • Simple but innovative
  • Lightweight design
  • Minimum footplate depth 4" (102mm) - Maximum footplate depth 6 3/8" (162mm)

Wheelchair Compatibility

If you want to fit the Freewheel to a different folding frame wheelchair,  you will need to order the Freewheel folding wheelchair adaptor.  Freewheel fits to a wide range of rigid frame chair footrests with Fixed single piece footrests without need for additional parts.  Freewheel will not work with rigid frame chairs with flip up one-piece footplates.   Standard wheelchair frames have a distance of 120 mm/ 4.75″ from the top of the footrest to the floor. If your chair has a greater distance, a custom frame is required  A custom frame is required if any of the following conditions apply

  • The distance from the top of your footrest to the floor is more than 4.5" (11.4 cm)
  • The height of your footrest is over  4 3/4″ (120 mm)
  • The angle of your footrest is more than 12%




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