Winter is coming! Check out our range of snow wheelchairs, childrens special needs sledge and mobility scooter rain canopys.

We have an extensive range of innovative products to get you through the winter weather no matter what!

  • Wheelchair users understand their conventional everyday wheelchair is not always suitable in any terrain
  • For those who use a mobility scooter - trips into town may be interrupted by rain or windy weather
  • For children and babies with special needs their buggies and wheelchairs may limit what they can do and where they can go

Tips for Winter Weather

  • Plan your journey. Check the weather forecast; icy or wet weather can affect the grip of your wheelchair or scooter tyres. Avoid unnecessary journeys if the weather is particularly bad.
  • Ensure your electric wheelchair or mobility scooter has sufficient charge. Cold weather can affect your scooter battery performance, especially if you store your scooter outdoors. Keep it in a shed or garage if you have one or remove the battery and bring it indoors when not being used.
  • Be visible. It gets darker earlier in winter so invest in a hi-vis vest or accessory to help keep you safe on roads or streets with limited lighting.

FreeWheel Wheelchair Attachment


Get out into the snow this Christmas with the FreeWheel Wheelchair Attatchment that allows you to easily and safely traverse any rough terrain.

Weighing less than 5 lbs. it is easy to install ... and when you go inside, it easily stores on a "perch" on the back of your chair, which is included with the FreeWheel.

  • Lightweight under 2.5kg - alothough very sturdy, built from aircraft quality aluminium allowing you to push over surfaces that would otherwise be difficult or impossible.
  • Clamps easily and securley onto the one-piece footrest on your rigid frame wheelchair.
  • The large front wheel has less resistance than small castors and makes it easier to roll on any surface, whether you are alone, or with a companion.
  • A detent mechanism keeps the front wheel straight to improve stability and handling but, by applying slight pressure, it will release, allowing you to quickly and easily turn in any direction.
  • The FreeWheel comes complete with an attachment that locks onto the crossbar behind your seat back and holds your FreeWheel firmly in place when you need to stow it.

What is included in the pack?

Comes with everything you need to fit your footrest as well as a storage perch. Kit includes multiple rear ends, shims and perch parts that can be configured to fit different types of footrests. Instructions included.


The FreeWheel is designed to be used on a manual wheelchair with a rigid footrest.  The initial installation may take approximately 15 minutes, after that the FreeWheel clamps on and off in seconds.

Folding Frame Wheelchairs

If you want to fit Freewheel to a folding frame wheelchair,  you will need to order the Freewheel folding wheelchair adaptor.


If the distance from the top of your footrest to the floor is more than 4.5" (11.4 cm), please contact us to discuss a custom frame FreeWheel.

See the FreeWheel in Action

Cerebra special needs sledge


The Cerebra Sledge works brilliantly in the snow where children's wheelchairs and buggies don't. There is no need now for your child to be stuck inside this winter while all the other children are off playing in the snow. The Cerebra special needs sledge offers a fully supportive seat on a traditional style sledge. It features a low centre of gravity, a wide stance, and is be fitted with straps, armrests and a safety leash.

Key features

  • Folds for comfort and easy storage
  • Choice of 2 seat angles
  • Folds flat for storage and transport
  • Supportive Seat
  • Low Centre of Gravity
  • Straps and armrests for security
  • Traditional style

See the Cerebra Sledge in action

MountainTrike All Terrain Wheelchair


The Mountain Trike is ideal for making the most of your snow days with your family and friends. Designed by award winning enginneer and keen mountain biker Tim Morgan.

Equipped with three wheels, suspension and a clever lever system, these wheelchairs are able to go off-road on any terrain, making them perfect those who love the outdoors. The possibilites are endless.

Key features

    • Direct Steering - You can steer using only one arm. The steering ensures excellent control for smooth turns and an easy travel across slopes and rough terrain.
    • Air Suspension - Ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride over all sorts of terrain. Safe and Stable.
    • Hydraulic Disc Brakes - You have great control in all weather conditions.
    • Lever Drive -  You can explore with clean dry hands over rough ground, up hills and even over obstacles.

See the MountainTrike in action



Wheelblades are miniature skis which attach to wheelchairs and strollers with one click, greatly improving the user's mobility


The wide Wheelblade contact surface distributes the wheelchair driver’s pressure evenly onto the ground and prevents the small front wheels from sinking into the snow. The blades run over the ground with very little pressure and have no problem smoothing out rough spots. Two tracking channels on the Wheelblade underside compress the snow, ensuring stability; this is to say that you move along as if on rails. In addition to this the Wheelblades are very handy due to their low weight: A few seconds are enough to attach them to all commonly used wheels. The adjustable clamp lock covers all wheel widths from 1.8 to 6 cm.


All this amounts to the fact that Wheelblade transportation on snow matches moving along on tarmac – no more balancing out on large drive wheels required. This means that helpers have no problem pushing the wheelchair along when drivers feel exhausted. In addition to this, objects may be carried on one’s lap and even minor snowy hills can be managed thanks to this practical form of support. Yet best of all is that new-found feeling of freedom – the knowledge that one’s physical disability is no longer amplified by structural obstacles: The feeling that you can enjoy the winter.

Key Features

  • Quick attachment requires little strength. Changing from blades to wheels can be done quickly and without problems.
  • Due to their handy size and low weight you can take your Wheelblades wherever you go.
  • High-end, robust materials make the skis shock- and fraction-proof.
  • Thanks to the adjustable clamp lock, Wheelblades can be used anywhere.
  • Wheelblades enable helpers for the first time to push wheelchair drivers in snow.
  • The market’s least expensive and least complicated solution.

See the Wheelblades in action

Chiba Wheelchair Gloves


Check out our range of Wheelchair Gloves from Chiba.

Keep your hands dry and cosy this winter and keep a good grip on your wheelchair when you are out an about. This range includes gloves for children, adults and those athletic users!

Chiba are the highest quality wheelchair gloves available on the market. These are a great all round pair of gloves available in sizes from small to extra large.

Key features

• Elastic top hand for a perfect fit
• Ergonomic gel pads protect carpal tunnel and ulnar nerves, preventing numbness and absorbs vibrations
• High durable palm hand with Clarino and silicone print for a good grip perfect
• Reinforced thumb and palmhand made out of siliconized Kevlar for perfect grip and highest durability puller
• Quickpull for easy taking off the glove

ScooterPac Mobility Scooter Canopy 


Don't let the winter weather stop you from getting on with your daily routine! Get out and about on your mobility scooter with the Universal canopy, ScooterPac.

The ScooterPac has been designed to be a universal mobility scooter canopy, and fits the vast majority of scooters with a box section accessory bracket on the rear of the seat. Scooterpac folds away in seconds giving you the best of both worlds! It is robust and safe and is impervious to the elements so will not rust over time.

This design is entirely unique and comprises of;

    • Light yet strong aluminium frame
    • Hardwearing waterproof canvas roof
    • Clear polypropylene side windows
    • Hard, clear perspex front window
    • Easy to fit onto your accessory bracket on the back of your scooter
    • Lightweight - easy to lift


It is 62 cm wide,  and will add no more than 1meter 10 cm (110cm) to the height of the scooter measured from the square accessory bar at the back of the seat upwards.

Flexyfoot Ice Boot

A handy accessory to keep in your pocket or bag, the Ice Boot fits to standard Flexyfoot ferrules and provides additional grip on icy pavements. The stainless steel teeth bit into ice and snow helping you get where you need to go!

John Preston Visibag

The Visibag is a high visibility bag for mobility scooters, wheelchairs and 4 wheel rollators. Stylish and functional, the VISIBAG has high visibility panels and wide reflective strips arranged strategically to command maximum awareness of the user in all seasons and weather conditions

Whatever the weather, be safe!