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The ScooterPac has been designed to be a universal mobility scooter canopy, and this means even for car boot scooters! 

It folds away in seconds giving you the best of both worlds!

The canopy is light and quick and easy to fit. It means you can finally just go out whenever you want and the canopy folds out and back in just a few minutes. 

It is robust and safe and is impervious to the elements so will not rust over time.

This design is entirely unique and comprises of;

    • Light yet strong aluminium frame
    • Hardwearing waterproof canvas roof
    • Clear polypropylene side windows
    • Hard, clear perspex front window

Remember - we also offer FREE shipping on this to anywhere in the UK or Ireland!

How do I know if this fits my mobility scooter?

Providing that your scooter is fitted with both armrests as well as a box section accessory bracket at the rear of the seat, we almost guarantee that our mobility scooter canopy will fit.

We now offer the Large model which fits all full size 8mph class 3 mobility scooters - if you have any queries at all about compatibility with your scooter just call us on 028 92 67 70 77

Scooterpac is best when fitted to pavement and road scooters as these type of scooters are not inteneded to be lifted into the back of a car.   

Whilst Scooterpac will fit boot scooters too, we would point out that as boot scooters are intended to be easily stripped down and lifting intot the boot of a car, when using Scooterpac it will take longer to dissassemble your scooter than normal and you will have to factor the additonal weight that scooterpac will add when lifting into your car boot.  

If you don't intend dissassembling your boot scooter regularly than this is not an issue.  Scooterpac is still the best option on the market when it comes to boot scooters but worth considering these factors before you purchase.   

Please take time to review the image gallery to see the type of bracket required on the back of your scooter for this to be compatible.

The bracket looks like this;

Using other accessories on the back of your scooter:

Please note that the Scooterpac will prevent you from using the same bracket at the rear of your scooter for other accessories such as shopping baskets, O2 carriers etc

Does the canopy add any weight to my scooter?
The ScooterPac canopy is constructed from light but strong aluminium which means very little weight is added to the scooter. Because of the nature of where the canopy fits to the seat, it is possible to lift both the seat and the canopy off the scooter in one action, making it a simple operation to fit the scooter into the car with the canopy still fitted. 

Does it add any width to my scooter?
The ScooterPac canopy is cleverly designed to give the mobility scooter user the most room on the scooter, without adding to the overall width, this means you can still fit through doorways with the canopy on.

Dimensions of Scooterpac:

It is 62 cm wide,  and will add no more than 1meter 10 cm (110cm) to the height of the scooter measured from the square accessory bar at the back of the seat upwards . 

Standard 62 cm wide x 110 cm long

X Large 62 cm wide x 123 cm long

It weighs 9.6kg

If you have any questions at all about this then please do not hesitate to message us and we will be delighted to help in any way needed!

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