We recently delivered a fleet of accessible cycles and tricycles to the Causeway Coast & Glens Council for use in varying sites across the Borough.

In all we delivered 3 Van Raam Chat rickshaw tricycles, 2 Van Raam Velo Plus wheelchair transport bicycles and 2 Tomcat Fizz tricycles.

The Van Raam Chat Rickshaw is a great recreational bicycle, allowing the rider to carry 2 passengers. Suitable for individuals who are unable to navigate traffic on their own but love the experience of riding with the driver in control with full view of the road and the passengers. The Van Raam Chat can also be enhanced with the ebike attachment.


The Velo Plus from Van Raam is a wheelchair transport bicycle, allowing the passenger to sit comfortably in their chair while the rider controls and steers. The tilted ramp allows for easy lifting and depositing of the passenger with no need for them to move from their chair which is securely anchored on the riding platform for the duration of the journey. The Velo PLus can also be enhanced with the ebike attachment as shown below.


The Tomcat Fizz special needs trike designed to meet the needs of both children and adults with mild to severe disabilities, whether physical, visual or learning difficulties. It can even be converted into a trailer trike to be used with another bicycle. The Tomcat Fizz also has a wide range of optional accessories available for enhanced control for the care giver and support for the rider.



We pride ourselves in offering a varied range of disabled cycling solutions, with products to suit both children and adults with a wide spectrum of abilities.

Our dedicated product specialists can offer expert advice on sizing, fitting and demonstrations to ensure you get the right bicycle or tricycle for your needs.

Product Specialist

Gary Allen

028 9267 7077