At John Preston we supply a wide range of Tomcat Trikes for children and adults with learning difficulties, physical disabilities or emerging mobility problems.

Tomcat trikes are customised to meet the needs of each individual, and are designed to allow freedom and independence to each rider.

We at John Preston offer demos on the full range of Tomcat trikes. Gary our product specialist will take the time to ensure the trike chosen suits the needs and lifestyle of each client by offering full assessments at home or even at your childs school. 

The Tomcat Fizz 

The fizz is the trike that the Tomcat brand was built upon. It is the world’s first disability trike to have carer control allowing for steering and brake supervision when needed. It has a light, two piece frame for easy transport and storage and a Trailer-Trike adaption for family cycling. 

Key features

  • Custom built to suit the individual needs
  • Carers can control a trike in outdoor situations
  • Two-piece frame designed to have a quick release
  • Can be converted to a trailer


The Tomcat Tiger

The Tomcat Tiger is designed specifically for young children or those with a restriction growth condition to pedal easily and comfortably either independently or under supervision. The Tiger's purposefully narrow pedal spacing provides the perfect leg span for a small pelvis, promoting natural, geometric support for hips, legs and knees usually without the need for the calipers. The tiger encourages correct posture and can be optimised to assist all abilities. 

Key features 

  • Suitable for user heights of 70 to 95cm in two sizes 
  • Ideal for restricted growth conditions
  • Fully independent, or optional Carer Control™ or Carer Braking™
  • Frictionless belt drive with disc brakes and parkbrake
  • Maintenance Free “All Internal” steering, braking and drive mechanisms
  • Two frame sizes are available, 12” and 14” wheels
  • Lifespan of 2 to 3 years
  • Narrow pedal spacing to match a 2 year olds pelvis promotes good symmetry!
  • Highly adjustable seat height and handlebar depth
  • No chains or oiling required