Special Needs Trikes in Northern Ireland from the experts at John Preston Healthcare just outside Belfast

With the weather gradually starting to improve you might be thinking about getting out and about more this year.

With great local improvements in cycle paths such as the Comber Greenway and the Lagan Towpath there are lots of options to enjoy a cycle in safety and be surrounded by nature.

Our wide range of trikes designed for children with special needs should include something to suit the unique needs of your child - and we have dedicated specialists here who will help and advise as needed.

We have been a family business since 1846 and will only supply equipment that is suitable for your child.

To select the correct special needs trike there are a number of things you should consider;

  • The level of mobility of your child
  • Height of your child and inside leg measurement
  • Behavior disorders such as your child 'rocking'
  • How much independence are you comfortable with
  • Your budget

We are the official distributor for Tomcat Special Needs Trikes in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

This specialist manufacturer has developed an incredible range of thoughtful options that you can view below.

Many of our special needs trikes come equipped with a 'rear steer' so that you as the parent or carer can control the trike and it's direction.

Do you need to consider funding?

Our dedicated Paediatric Specialist Gary Allen can direct you to charities who in the past have provided funding - Call him on 028 92 67 70 77 for more info.

Do you cycle regularly yourself?

You might wish to consider the Tomcat Trailer Trike which connects to a standard adult bike and means you can all enjoy a cycle together.

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Tomcat Fizz Trike

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Children over 95cm tall through to adults, with visual impairment, mild to severe learning difficulties and/or mild to severe physical disabilities.

Please see the Road Hog for sports trikes, the Tiger for smaller children, the Tamara for hoist users or the Ready Steady Go for Hand Propelled trikes.


The Tomcat Fizz is the new sporty lightweight trike from Tomcat, it’s stylish oval frame gives the Fizz immense strength and stability with less weight, whilst an extra long wheelbase makes the Fizz very stable at speed.

Ideally suited to multi speed drives, trailer trike conversions and Tomcats new “Latch on” trailer bar.

  • Extra long wheel base improves stability
  • Easily convert to a Trailer Trike
  • Features an optional “latch on” Trailer bar
  • Quick-Release Frame system
  • Single or multi-speed drives
  • Choice of 3 Control Types
  • And Tomcats Customer satisfaction promise


The Trailer Trike

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The Tomcat Trailer Trike evolved from the Tomcat trike to enable families who enjoyed cycling to include the child with special needs in family activities.

It was an instant success because it brought the whole family together in an outdoor leisure activity whilst keeping the disabled child completely safe.

Many charities with family inclusivity at the heart of their philosophy will fund a Tomcat Trailer trike for that very reason.

Two different Tools in one

People rarely appreciate that a trike and a trailer can be two very different tools depending upon the riders abilities.

The trike is the tool best suited to improving the users, strength, co-ordination, spacial awareness and decision making skills whilst the trailer is a fantastic tool for family life and general social interaction.

The Tiger Trike

Special needs bike supplier Belfast


Young children over 75cm tall or 18 months in age, with visual impairment, mild to severe learning difficulties, and/or physical disability, children with restricted growth.

Main features

  • Two frame sizes are available, based on 12” and 14” wheels
  • Useable lifespan around 2 to 3 years (due to child out-growing it)
  • Each Tiger is custom made to the individual child’s requirements
  • A narrow pedal spacing to match a two year olds pelvis promotes good symmetry and reduces forced adduction
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Highly adjustable saddle height and handlebar depth
  • Smooth, silent, maintenance free timing belt drive is virtually friction free
  • No chains or oiling

The Hand Propelled Trike



Children and adults with little or no use of their legs, amputees etc

Main Features

  • Custom Built to your specific requirement
  • Can be fitted with Tomcat’s Patented Carer Control System
  • Low Friction – High Efficiency, Smooth, Silent (Non Oily) Belt Drive
  • Counterbalanced Rotary Motion eliminates tiring heavy spots
  • ‘Easily adjustable’ Hub Position allows for individual growth or Multi User applications
  • Single or Multi Speed Drives
  • Innovative Joystick Bar enables safe one handed cycling.
  • Joystick Bar also enables easy gear change with secondary braking and steering.
  • Lightweight and easily Transportable thanks to Tomcats Patented Quick Releasing Frame
  • ‘Hand propelled’ only or ‘Hand and Foot’ propelled
  • Trailer Bar accessory attaches Hand Cycle to a towing Bicycle
  • Full range of support accessories available.
  • Height adjustable foot supports
  • Available with Tomcat’s Carer Control systems: Full Carer Control, Carer Braking or independent rider
  • No tiring heavy spots

The Roadhog Trike

A multi geared version of the Tomcat Fizz.

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Mild to moderate physical disabilities, mild to moderate learning difficulties, visual impairment or blindness

Main Features

  • Tomcat’s unique satisfaction guarantee
  • Lightweight, low friction, high performance design
  • Low step through frame
  • Gearing to suit ability – up to 21 gear systems available
  • Tomcat’s integrated gear hub and axle system significantly minimises transmission losses, reduces general maintenance, drive complexity and weight
  • Tomcat’s famous Quick-Release Frame disassembles in seconds for easy transport
  • Easily converts to a Trailer Trike when bought as a Trailer Trike combination
  • Features the unique Tomcat Make and Break Gear Change System
  • Can be fitted with many Tomcat features e.g. full Carer Control, Carer Braking etc
  • Accepts most Tomcat support accessories

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