Continue to cycle in lockdown with Tomcat Trikes.

It has been a very challenging time for us all and as we begin another lockdown looking after our physical and mental health has never been more important. The same applies to our children and young people.

Tomcat manufacture bespoke special adapted trikes for children and adults of all abilities! It is important we partake in outdoor activities to promote a healthy lifestyle.

For users with limited mobility, Tomcat Trikes are proven to transform the way they exercise as well as boosting their self esteem and independence.

Every Tomcat Special Needs Trike is custom-built solely for the rider and our fully trained Product Specialists will take the time with the order, their family and their health professional to ensure the correct trike is chosen.

Benefits of Cycling for users with limited mobility:

  • A fun way to strengthen muscles
  • Increased confidence
  • Independence
  • Improved mood
  • Improved posture and coordination
  • Increased stamina and fitness levels

Tomcat ensure each trike is built to suit each user no matter their ability! There are wide range of supports and safety features to suit many conditions so the user can cycle with confidence and you have peace of mind they are safe and secure.

Our Product Specialist Gary offers free trike assessments throughout Ireland. Why not book your test drive today and see the benefits for yourself?

We are currently taking trike orders for guaranteed delivery before Christmas!

Real customers

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Tyree got the bespoke Tomcat Fizz Trike.

  • With an attractive, stylish and sporty design the Tomcat Fizz was developed for outdoor fun and effortless use.
  • It is completely safe and stable, yet very lightweight and easy to assemble.
  • Suitable for children over 95cm tall through to adults, with mild to severe visual, learning and/or physical disabilities.

Special needs trikes Scotland Edinburgh Glasgow Tel 0131 440 3929

Charlie is also loving his new trike! His mum Katrina said “he enjoyed his first cycling trip to the park, under his own effort!”. Charlie is also getting the benefits of being outdoors and enjoying his independence pedaling all by himself!

Charlie got the bespoke Tomcat Tiger Trike.

  • Tomcat Tiger Trike is designed specifically for small children and each trike custom-built to meet individual needs.
  • It can be built to be quite simple, or to be supportive depending on the rider. Additionally, the rider can be independent or they can be supervised.
  • Features a maintenance-free and friction-free drive system so any child can pedal it – even those children with very low muscle tone!

 Check out the progress Jude has made in his Tomcat Fizz Trike! When he first got the trike Vs Jude now..

Look at him go! It is amazing to see his confidence & fearlessness!

Thank you to Judes Dad for sharing these videos with us... Well done Jude, Keep up the great work!

Speak to a Product Specialist today

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Product Specialist

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Why choose Tomcat?

Special Needs Trikes Scotland Tel 0131 440 3929

The unique features of Tomcat Special Needs Trikes set them apart from alternatives.

These include;

  • Two piece frame for ease of transport
  • Carer Control™ allows Carer to steer or brake from behind user
  • Tomcat developed this signature feature that is now industry standard worldwide. It is the Gold Standard against which all others are judged
  • They can be converted to a Trailer-Trike™ easily (except the Tiger model)
  • Hitch it to the back of a bike for a fun cycle ride!
  • They are the lightest trikes on the market – just 14kg (without accessories)
  • All Tomcat Trikes are custom built to suit the child or adult – including different gear ratios rather than off the shelf settings
  • Option for a hoist accessible Special Needs Trike (The Tamara)
  • Tomcat are known for Quality, Innovation & Excellent Customer Service

Virtual assessments available if you are shielding or isolating at home

Try Tomcat special needs trikes and bikes Tel 028 92 67 70 77

Explore and assess our range of special needs trikes in the comfort of your own home!

We are all aware that in the current climate we must change how we do things – and we know how important it is for you to see and understand a product before you purchase it.

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