We supply the finest Electric Trikes for those of all abilities!

When researching electric trikes you should take the time to have a chat with an experienced expert - particularly if you have any limitations with your mobility or have any additional or special needs.

Why use an electric trike? Why not! Make climbing hills and going further distances easier with the flick of a button so you can enjoy the best of both worlds - pedal to get some exercise and use the battery when a little help is needed.

The beauty about our range of electric tricycles is that we can offer battery power across our range of standard trikes! We supply the famous Van Raam range of trikes in the UK and Ireland along with the range of Tomcat Trikes - recognised as the gold standard within the UK.

We know these electric trikes inside out and will spend time with you discussing your needs and budget and help advise what is the most suited to your unique needs.

Our experienced and knowledgeable electric trike specialists are used to dealing with a wide variety of abilities and needs and can also help answer questions about the practicalities of your electric trike, storage, how they pedal manually, potential funding and anything else you might wonder about.

Enjoying the battery power is one thing, but we consider it paramount that every user can also pedal their trike properly to benefit from the exercise. We take time to carefully ensure that manual pedaling is safe and achievable and have years of experience in doing this.

We do of course take into account restrictions in place in terms of distancing so can help remotely by video call or by phone on 028 92 67 70 77.

Our range of electric trikes are available right throughout the UK and Ireland.

Check out some of our range

All of the Van Raam range can be supplied as an Electric Trike!


Van Raam Electric Trikes are designed and built in the Netherlands and are recognised as a global leader!

We supply the full range of Van Raam electric tricycles and all modes are also available without electric power.

They are used by people of all abilities and are particularly popular with users who have encountered some reduction in their mobility. Why shouldn't you enjoy a cycle and get a little bit of help when needed?

Tomcat Electric Trikes for users with additional or special needs


Tomcat Trikes are rightly regarded as the 'gold standard' for adapted trikes for people of all abilities. Designed and built in the UK, almost every model in the range can be supplied with electric power.

The larger models like the Tomcat Bullet are particularly popular with adults who have started to face some challenges in terms of their mobility - but still want to get out and enjoy a cycle.

As with the Van Raam range - our dedicated specialists will discuss the users unique needs and help advise what would be the most suitable model to consider

We have a great range of electric bikes available too including;

  • Low step over electric bikes 
  • Commuter and Leisure Electric bikes
  • Electric Mountain Bikes
  • Folding Electric Bikes