We love helping customers get their best possible mobility solution and last week our mobility product specialist Francis delivered twice the amount of happy when he completed the handover of 2 Trekinetic GTE II All Terrain Powerchairs to twins!

The twins were lucky to secure funding for their powerchairs and the family is looking forward to adventures and holidays in the future. They chose striking red and hot pink for their colours and each Trekinetic GTE was custom sized for each user, ensuring the best comfort and support. The robust and versatile capabilities of the GTE Mk II means the family can tackle beaches and pavements with ease.

The twin's chairs have been adapted with raised footplates which can be adjusted as they grow, meaning they can continue to use their powerchairs. Each Trekinetic wheelchair is made to order and our product specialist can advise on correct fitting, sizing and any additional recommendations or adaptation requests you might have.

Versatile in every sense of the word, the Trekinetic's all terrain capabilities are renowned, being able to traverse sand, snow, gravel and mud, but they are also ideal for indoor use. With a compact turning circle of just 1 metre and measuring only 71cm wide, they can easily fit through standard door ways and manoeuver around furniture and fit under desks. The GTE II is also foldable meaning you can stow it the boot of most standard vehicles when you're heading off.

Let's take a closer look at what makes the Trekinetic GTE MK II so special

The Trekinetic GTE Mk II is an excellent all terrain powerchair for use on forest trails, muddy fields, the beach and even in snow. Weighing only 36kg in total, the lightweight carbon fibre seat moulds around your body to offer full support. The patented shock absorbers ensure a smooth ride. For added comfort, the angle of the seat can be adjusted so you can sit upright or reclined. Equipped with the large wheels at the front that give you the freedom to roll over obstacles and challenging terrains. For added security over difficult you can just adjust the variable wheel camber.

Key features

  • Ultra Low Folding now Standard Equipment with standard battery.
  • Much more compact battery box with magnetic lid catch.
  • Spare wheel retaining fixing now of much stronger virtually unbreakable design
  • Safari kit is equipped with larger design bag, capable of holding 2nd NMH battery which helps improve stability.
  • Camber Bar: Revised design: Emergency release holes now standard
  • Camber bar: New optional retrofit-able locking system.
  • Rear release clevis with comfort buttons as standard. These reduce scratching and make release easier for users with reduced hand strength
  • Extended seat with longer foam cushion for taller.
  • Handle bars with improved handlebar clamp. Eradicates unwanted movement. 
  • Foam Backrest option (50mm thick)
  • Hyperforma seat now available without sides for adult use.
  • The standard battery gets you 3.5 hours of continuous use. 
  • Customise your wheelchair with huge range of colour options

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