We have added to our range of All Terrain wheelchairs in Northern Ireland

We now offer both the Push and the Evo models of Mountain Trikes which compliment the original Mountain Trike design.

The Push model is controlled by the parent or carer.

The Evo model is designed for Quads and those with limited hand function.

There really is no reason why anyone cannot enjoy the outdoors and we are the mobility specialists in Northern Ireland.

You can call our dedicated team on 028 92 633 798 to have a chat about these off road wheelchairs and we will be delighted to discuss your own unique circumstances and what might be best for you.

Have a glance at the models below and then check out our online shop for the full spec and info.

Free demonstrations are available throughout the UK and Ireland - just call us today on 028 92 67 70 77


Here are the two latest models

The Push model from Mountain Trike allows the carer or parent to control

all terrain wheelchairs

The Mountain Trike Push model is designed to be pushed by a third party - either the parents or carer - from behind.

It is popular as an off-road or all terrain stroller and is particularly suited to to children with special needs as we can also fit SOS special seating where and when required.

It has the ability to push over a wide variety of terrain.  It does not have the unique lever drive system where riders can propel themselves but has an adjustable push handle located behind the user, which is where the steering and braking takes place by the riders buddy.

The drive levers have been replaced with adjustable armrests for rider comfort.

Specialist seating information:

A special seat is available for users through Specialised Orthotic Services (SOS). Through SOS customers can try the MT Push and find a seating solution to suit their specific requirements.

A bracket and clamp system has been specially made which will allow the user to fit their own specialist custom moulded seat to the MT Push. Call us on 028 92 633 798 for more information.

all terrain wheelchairs

The Evo model is designed for those living with Quadraplegia

The Evo model from Mountain Trike is designed for Quads

all terrain wheelchairs

The MT Evo is a Mountain Trike adapted for riders with limited hand function – inclusive, all-terrain, self-propelled, versatile and available in any colour and just as good looking as the Mountain Trike original.

The Evo has been developed working closely with our Tetraplegics, Quads, and other customers with limited hand function.

It has the same excellent all terrain performance but with even simpler controls – ideal for your outdoor every day use, whether it be a muddy woodland trail, a trip to the shops or a walk in the park.

The unique lever drive system allows the rider to have clean dry hands whatever the terrain.


We have a mobility showroom in Lisburn

See the original Mountain Trike here

all terrain wheelchairs

Mountain Trike All Terrain Wheelchair is an excellent trike for outdoor everyday use, whether that be muddy trail, woodlands, forest parks and even mountains!

Designed by award winning enginneer and keen mountain biker Tim morgan.

Equipped with three wheels, suspension and a clever lever system, these wheelchairs are able to go off-road on any terrain, making them perfect those who love the outdoors. The possibilites are endless!