Our eFlexx scooter review looks at the advantages and disadvantages this auto folding scooter to help you decide if it is right for your needs.

At first glance...

The eFlexx is modern and stylish, it comes in two colours red or white and features alloy style wheels, LED front and rear lights & a touch screen tiller display. For a small scooter it is very sturdy and stable thanks to the 4 wheels and high quality build. It features a comfortable padded seat and armrests. The armrests are angle and height adjustable to ensure maximum comfort. The battery is stored neatly under the seat. It is a 24V 18Ah lithium battery - lightweight only 3.5kg! The eFlexx features a keyless unlock using a 4 digit password of your choice.

How does eFlexx scooter fold?

eFlexx folds automatically in seconds at the touch of a button. You can fold it using the buttons on the scooter or with the remote control. Automatic folding scooters are ideal for those with back pain, balance problems or who struggle to bend over to fold and unfold manual folding scooters.

How heavy is the eFlexx scooter?

The total weight of eFlexx scooter is 31kg, This may be manageable for some people to lift into the boot of their car however those who struggle with such weight should consider using a car hoist. Alternatively we have other folding scooters as light as 17kg in total or you may prefer one that dismantles into 5 or 6 parts for easier lifting.

What are the folded dimensions of the eFlexx?

The folded dimensions are 30 x 20 x 20" (L x W x H). Its compact shape makes it the ideal choice for travelling and fits into most car boots. It is easy to store in your house and does not take up much space.

What type of terrain is eFlexx scooter designed for?

eFlexx is excellent for indoor and outdoor use. It is equipped with suspension. It performs best indoors and outside on level paths and walkways. It can be used on cobbled streets but may not be as comfortable as larger scooters on these uneven surfaces. It is recommended to avoid very uneven terrain to prevent motor damage.  If you are looking a mobility scooter that can tackle any terrain then check out our range here.

What is the maximum user weight?

The eFlexx has a maximum user capacity of 115kg / 18 stone. This is the average weight capacity on the folding scooters due to the lightweight components to keep the scooter as light as possible. If you need a folding scooter with a larger weight capacity we have alternatives that hold up to 21stone.

What is the mile range?

eFlexx has an excellent 10 mile range on a full charge perfect for trips to the shop and day trips out with the family. It is easily charged. There are two charging ports, one on the scooter tiller and the other on the battery box.


Overall the eFlexx is an excellent folding scooter perfect for travelling & conveniently stored at home or the boot of your car.

The automatic folding is perfect for those with limited mobility who may struggle manually folding and unfolding a mobility scooter. With the eFlexx the user simply touches a button either on the scooter or using the remote and it folds and unfolds in seconds.

The keyless unlock with 4 digit passcode is great if you are setting it aside at a restaurant or leaving it outside of a shop but you can use it in the shops thanks to its narrow base and excellent indoor maneuverability.

With the eFlexx you save time when you are out and about because it is one piece and unfolds in seconds - you don't have to spend time putting components together. There is no hassle.


The only disadvantage is that it may be too heavy for some users to lift to put in the boot of their car etc however we highly recommend a car hoist if you don't have a family member to help with the lifting.

Key Features





eFlexx scooter technical specification




eFlexx is one of a new breed of automatic folding travel mobility scooters that opens and closes at the touch of a button.  Weighing in at 31 kg and with a max user weight of 115 kg

Key features

  • Automatically folds in one movement in just 8 seconds
  • 10 Mile range with 3.5kg lithium battery pack
  • Touch screen tiller display with keyless unlock
  • Front & rear LED lights
  • 18 Stone weight limit
  • 31kg Total weight
  • 2 year Manufacturers Parts warranty