The Atto Scooter is the most advanced folding mobility scooter on the market today.

It takes just a few seconds to fold the ATTO scooter to the size of a travel suitcase or travel trolley and the folding mechanism is a very innovative and clever design.

Perfect for those on the go - it splits apart making it ideal for storage / transportation and the heaviest part to lift is only 16.2kg.

ATTO Animation

This means it is easily popped into the boot of your car or brought with you on public transport. There is even a USB port built in so you can conveniently charge your phone or other electronic devices as you go. The range of 10 miles is provided by the Lithium battery and can carry a user with a weight of up to 100kg.

Product dimensions in cm:

When folded:

  • 72 high x 39 long x 42 wide
  • Unfolded or when driving:
  • 90 high x 120 long x 56 wide

Product weight:

  • The Atto weighs 28.2 kg without the battery.
  • The battery weighs 1.85kg.
  • Heaviest part for lifting is 16.2kg

This is an excellent folding scooter and we will be delighted to answer any questions that you may have on 028 92 67 70 77 at any time.

Accessories available:

From late 2016 there are a number of handy accessories available for the ATTO - all of which can be retro fitted. They include;

  • Armrests
  • Cane or crutch holder
  • Additional lifting handle

You can call us on 028 92 67 70 77 if you wish to purchase these accessories if you already have your ATTO - otherwise you can have a think about what is right for your needs.

Want to try the ATTO folding mobility scooter for yourself? Why not arrange a home demonstration with a Product Specialist in your area today. Call 028 92 677 077 and our expert team will be delighted to arrange a time convienent to you.


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The very clever splitting mechanism makes the Atto easy to handle and pop into the boot of your car or into the overhead locker on the plane!


Bringing your ATTO folding mobility scooter on an airplane

You can bring your ATTO scooter on airplanes - you can print out the flight safety certificate here and forward this to your airline if they request this.

Left hand drive is possible on the ATTO





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