We are delighted to announce that the amazing Firefly wheelchair power attachment is now available as a Paediatric or Children's model!

This is all made possible by the use of a clever smaller frame and this is now suitable for wheelchairs with a seat width of 10" to 12" ( 25.4cm to 30.48cm ).

The actual Firefly unit and controls remain the same.

For users with a wheelchair seat width of between 12" and 14" we can help make the standard frame a little more narrow for you. For users with a wheelchair seat width of more than 14" then the standard frame will be ok. The Firefly can reach speeds of up to 12mph but we can limit this for you to suit your child's abilities and circumstances. The Firefly is great fun and young people in particular get great enjoyment from the freedom and independence it can provide and the fact that wheelchair use can become fun is a unique novelty. The range is around 15 miles so it is ample for the park, towpath or even getting to and from school!

The wheelchair that it attaches to cannot have 'swing away' legs. The wheelchair can be a folding wheelchair but the legs need to be fixed in place.

Here is a photo that helps explain;

Firefly wheelchair compatibility

You can speak to specialists on 028 92 633 798 who will help ensure that the Firefly is compatible with the given wheelchair.

This product is exempt from VAT and easy to install.

Most can install themselves but we can help make arrangements for this if needed!






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Firefly wheelchair power attachment - children's model now available


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