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The range of wheelchair power add ons from Triride just got even better.

Already regarded as being amongst the best wheelchair power attachments available throughout the UK and Ireland – Triride have further enhanced their range with three excellent new developments.

Motion Direct Control

MDC is an exclusive technology that allows the full control of the Triride drive and braking from a single input (the throttle).

This system makes it possible to accelerate and brake electronically using only the accelerator lever, allowing the user to have total control of the movement and always remain in complete safety in every situation.

It is ideal for those who may have weakness in one hand.



The MDC electronic control can be activated and deactivated using the appropriate switch and therefore offers maximum safety and maximum control of the device in every situations where it is needed.

Triride motion direct control

HT Motor – High Torque Motors

A new addition to selected Triride models will be the option of a HT motor. The HT motor offers great traction at lower speeds and is ideal for larger or bariatric users for great acceleration due to the increased torque.

This also offers a combined option for the Special compact model with an All road HT option.

We have decided to amend the Special Compact model as a HT motor only by the end of the year. After December the Compact will be available only as a HT motor.

Models using the HT motor will have a maximum speed (where permitted) of 18-25km/h

Triride high torque motors

Battery Styling

Triride have listened to feedback from dealers and users worldwide who love the new battery styling but sometimes struggle with attaching and removing the battery as the handle had been removed.

Moving forward they will keep the same battery styling but supply with a handle on the battery for easier attachment and detachment.

The battery cradle also has a receiver so you can simply slide the battery in place.

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