Wheelchair Ramps Northern Ireland available from the experts at John Preston Healthcare.

We are a leading supplier of wheelchair ramps / mobility access ramps throughout North & South of Ireland. Offering FREE home assessments throughout Ireland, our Product Specialist will carry out an in depth survey to ensure the best ramp is chosen to meet your needs and requirements.

We have a wide range of solutions including:

  • Doorway threshold ramps
  • Ultralight ramps
  • Portable / folding ramps 
  • Vehicle ramps 
  • Channel ramps
  • Wide ramps over 76cm 
  • Long ramps 8ft and over
  • Temporary ramps
  • Permanent ramp systems 
  • Modular ramp systems 

This unique selection of market-leading wheelchair ramps and mobility access ramps is the result of many years of research and development work. These ramps have been designed for safe and easy operation and are are available for quick despatch. We install ramps across the North & South of Ireland using fully trained installation engineers who conform to the highest safety standards. Find out more information below or call 028 9267 7077 and speak with our expert staff today. We will discuss your needs and arrange a convenient time for a home assessment.

Why choose John Preston?

We know that this is a big decision for you to make and we only ever supply and install what is right for your unique needs;

  • We have been a family business in Ireland 173 years
  • We have engineers trained to the highest industry standards
  • Your Stairlift will be installed quickly and bespoke to your staircase and home design
  • We will demonstrate your Stairlift and ensure you are comfortable and everything is in perfect working order
  • We are ISO9001 certified and a member of the British Healthcare Traders Association so you have peace of mind that you are dealing with a reputable and trusted family business

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Threshold ramps


Rubber threshold ramps are available in a number of heights to suit what you need.

They are all 90cm wide and offer a neat and tidy ramp.

Code Height
cm (ins)
cm (ins)
cm (ins)
kg (st)
kg (lbs)
DN15-9 1.5 (0.6) 12 (4.5) 90 (35) 500 (79) 1.4 (3.1)
DN25-9 2.5 (1) 20 (8) 90 (35) 500 (79) 3.3 (7.3)
DN50-9 5 (2) 40 (16) 90 (35) 500 (79) 12 (26.5)
DN75-9 7.5 (3) 60 (24) 90 (35) 500 (79) 26 (57.3)


Lightweight bridging threshold ramp - Doorline Bridge™ is a very practical lightweight threshold ramp.

With bridge feature this ramp is perfect for overcoming awkward threhsolds both internal and external.

Available in 4 useful heights and one standard width of 70cm.

Portable and easy to carry with with unique grab feature

Made from very durable materials - protects against stains and corrision.

Code Height Length Width Capacity kg (st)* Weight kg (lbs)
DB4 4cm (1.6ins) 56cm (22ins) 70cm (28ins) 300 (47) 3.3 (7)
DB6 6cm (2.4ins) 60cm (23ins) 70cm (28ins) 300 (47) 4 (9)
DB8 8cm (3.1ins) 81cm (32ins) 70cm (28ins) 300 (47) 6.8 (15)
DB10 10cm (3.9ins) 100cm (39ins) 70cm (28ins) 300 (47) 8.5 (19)


Portable / folding ramps



Key Features

    • Available in 2 to 7foot lengths
    • Fold lengthwise
    • Carry handle
    • Aluminium body
    • Weight limit 600lbs (272kg)
    • Width when open 28 ½” (72 cm)

Dimensions and weights

    • Internal track width open 720mm/28 1/4 inches
    • External width open 736mm/29 inches.
    • Closed for carrying ramps are 370mm/14 5/9” wide.

Length Open


Code ft mm inches kg lbs
RR/SCR2 2 610 24 5.6 12
RR/SCR3 3 915 36 8.5 18
RR/SCR4 4 1220 48 11.1 24
RR/SCR5 5 1525 60 13.8 30
RR/SCR6 6 1830 72 16.4 36
RR/SCR7 7 2120 84 18 40

Aerolight folding wheelchair ramp

  • - Folds for compact storage
  • - Contrasting colour edge strip increases visibility
  • - Very easy to carry and deploy
  • - Full width anti-slip provides excellent grip
  • - Clips together when folded
Code Length Width* Capacity
kg (st)
kg (lbs)
AX6 60cm (2ft) 76cm (30ins) 350 (55) 5 (11)
AX9 90cm (3ft) 76cm (30ins) 350 (55) 7 (15)
AX12 120cm (4ft) 76cm (30ins) 350 (55) 9 (20)
AX15 150cm (5ft) 76cm (30ins) 350 (55) 11 (24)
AX18 180cm (6ft) 76cm (30ins) 350 (55) 13 (29)
AX21 210cm (7ft) 76cm (30ins) 300 (47) 15 (33)

Ultralight folding telescopic ramps

Ultralight Combi™ Folding Telescopic Ramps are the most versatile ramps on the market offering folding and telescopic features. Ideal for bridging a threshold with unequal levels each side.

Available in a range of sizes up to 3m length and various width sizes for a range of mobility devices. Compact and lightweight for easy storage and transportation

Code Min Length cm Max length cm Channel Width cm Capacity Kgs Weight Kg each half
PC21-3 150 207 19.5 300 6.8
PC28-3 200 280 19.5 250 8.6
PCW21-3 150 207 25 300 8.3
PCW28-3 200 280 25 250 11.3

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Vehicle loading ramps

Maxaccess folding channel ramps are compact enough to fit in the car but unlike the alternative telescopic channel ramps, the folding ones have a much higher safe working load making them ideal for loading scooters and heavier items into cars and up steps. The ramps are fitted with high side rails to help guide your product up the ramps and prevent them slipping off the edge and the extra wide channels ensure wide tyre profiles fit in the channel as well as providing more room to manoeuvre up the ramp. Non Slip tape provides superb grip to assist with climbing performance

Key features

  • 540Kg (1200lbs) maximum load capacity per pair
  • 7 Foot long
  • Useable channel width 20cm (8")
  • Anti slip tape on ramp surface
  • 25mm (1") safety sidewalls
  • Binding Straps

Ultralight Telescopic Channel Ramps

Ultralight Telescopic™ Channel Ramps are a compact, lightweight solution for providing wheelchair access to vehicles and buildings. Quick and easy to deploy and lightweight for easy transportation and storage. Available in a range of sizes and suitable for a range of threshold types. The Silent telescopic mechanism with strong safety clip prevents opening when stored.

Length Max Length Min Width
kg (st)
kg (lbs)
each half
Stored Dimensions
l x w x d
cm (inches)
PT12-2 120cm
(3’ 11”)
(2’ 5”)
19cm (8ins) 400 (63) 3.6 (8) 75 x 24.5 x 6 (29 x 10 x 2)
PT20-2 202cm
(6’ 8”)
(3’ 10”)
19cm (8ins) 300 (47) 5.8 (13 ) 117 x 24.5 x 6 (46 x 10 x 2)
PT20-3 199cm
(6’ 6”)
(2’ 10”)
18cm (7ins) 300 (47) 6.1 (14) 87 x 24.5 x 7 (31 x 10 x 3)
PT29-3 288cm
(9’ 5”)
(3’ 10”)
18cm (7ins) 250 (39) 8.2 (18) 117 x 24.5 x 7 (46 x 9 x 3)

  • Now with 4 rigid handles for incredible ease, speed and safety in use
  • Easy vehicle loading – superb solution for taxi and minibus ramp applications.
  • Highest capacity broadfold ramp on the market!
  • So easy to deploy!

Available in three sizes:

Code Length Width* Capacity
kg (st)
kg (lbs)
AB15 150cm (5ft) 76cm (30ins) 350 (55) 12 (26)
AB18 180cm (6ft) 76cm (30ins) 350 (55) 14 (31)
AB21 210cm (7ft) 76cm (30ins) 300 (47) 16 (35)


Modular ramp systems

Swift Ramp System is extremely strong, adaptable and carefully designed from modular and adjustable components.

Kit B and can be used in both straight through and turning configurations.

Key features

  • Available in a range of lengths
  • Height adjustable up to 1m high
  • Zero rusting - long life zinc coating
  • Extremely rugged - made from high quality, durable materials
  • Very adaptable, with many available options for your unique preferences
  • Can be used in both straight through and turning configurations.
  • Wide range of ramps lengths from 5ft to 19ft.
Kit includes;
  • 110 x 110cm platform
  • Lead in ramp,
  • Ramp module(s),
  • 13cm aluminium doorplate,
  • Height adjustable legs,
  • Handrails (if specified)
  • Assembly fixings.

Bespoke modular ramp systems

Modular System Ramps

We supply bespoke modular ramps systems made to order in any size. Our product specialist will carry out an in depth survey of your home or business to ensure you get the best solution. Handrails are available or can be added a later stage.

Survey, Quotation & Installation

FREE home assessments throughout Ireland

Our mobility showroom is in Lisburn, Northern Ireland