Mobi-Mat® Boat-Ramp™ is a patented roll out polyester mat, designed for creating boat launches and accommodating light and medium vehicle traffic on supporting but unstable grounds like sand and gravel on the shoreline or lakes.

It is ideal for boat clubs, rowing clubs or anyone working or accessing water from the shoreline.

Environmentally Friendly

It is made of 100% polyester, and Mobi-Mat® Boat-Ramp™ is delivered in rolls, so is easily removed if work must be completed on shoreline or infrastructures.

Boat-Ramp™ prevents ground damage due to recurring vehicle traffic, and helps channel traffic along designated areas to protect sensitive areas.

Very Durable and Non-slip Corrugated Surface for Vehicles

Boat-Ramp™ withstands regular vehicle traffic and is impervious to the damaging effects of salt water and is not affected by tidal change. It is recommended however that Beach cleaning vehicles slow down and raise their rakes when driving over the mat.

On slippery terrain such as sandy beach, gravel or soft ground, the patented puncture resistant, corrugated surface of the Boat-Ramp™ provides great traction to wheeled vehicles.

Easy Installation and Dismantling and Low Maintenance

Boat-Ramp™ can easily be installed on the ground surface with minimal ground preparation. Boat-Ramp™ weighs 0.34 lbs/sqft. A 50 feet length can be installed by two people in just 15 minutes and is attached to the ground with stakes inserted through eyelets. It requires little or no maintenance under normal conditions and can be swept with a broom or leaf blower.

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