Our UV-C disinfection system is used in Dental Clinics and all Healthcare settings to decontaminate and reduce risk of Covid-19 and other future possible contaminations.

This laboratory tested system is much more efficient than using an air purification system and the use of UV-C irradiation is highly effective in inactivating and inhibiting SARS-CoV-2. It is the most powerful UV-C system available on the market today and provides total Covid -19 decontamination of air and surfaces of a 16 square metre room in just four minutes.

This makes it a cost effective approach and allows your clinic to get on with treating other people as any room is decontaminated thus freeing up precious staff resources. The system consists of two mobile and light devices that disables 99.99% of the viral load of Covid-19 in the aerosol typically founds in Dental Clinics and other healthcare environments.

UV-C irradiation is highly effective in inactivating and inhibiting SARS-CoV-2 replication.

What is the problem?

Dental care frequently generates a strong aerosol, which is potentially infected with the new coronavirus. We know that infected patients can be carriers and therefore transmitters of the virus, without experiencing any symptoms. Covid-19 is transmitted by micro-droplets and saliva, either by direct or indirect projection. A dental aerosol can have a range of 6 meters and remain in suspension for 3 hours. This directly causes contamination of the air, soil and all surfaces.

Covid-19 has been shown to have a high level of outdoor viability. The creation of the aerosol, and the associated 10 micron droplet cloud, therefore considerably increases the risk of contamination of you, your team and your patients.

What is the solution and how to quickly clean your surfaces:

UV-C with a wavelength of 254nm, produced by the high power Amalgam lamps (172w), will be efficiently and quickly absorbed by the pathogen’s RNA to lead to its destruction.

The quartz tube that protects the lamps also filters the wavelengths at 200 nm that could produce ozone. Based on studies on adenoviruses, the manufacturers were able to conclude that a dose between 20 to 30 mJ / cm2 allows an efficient reduction of the Covid-19 coronavirus. The UVmastercare devices have been developed to allow you to use them safely thanks to a delayed ignition and 4 presence detectors integrated into the device.

Scientifically validated technology:

Viruses of this type are more sensitive in the aerosol in suspension than on surfaces. In the aerosol, a dose of 2 milli-Joules / cm2 is sufficient, on surfaces it takes 35 mJ / cm2. These radiation doses being evaluated with a good safety margin.

The effect of UV’s decreases with distance, and even with the square of the distance. So viral inactivation will depend on:

  • The number of lamps
  • The dimensions of the room-the spacing of the lamps between them (there is a zone between the lamps where effects overlap)
  • Action time – the practitioner’s decision to decontaminate only the ambient air (very fast, often less than 2 minutes), or the air + surfaces (usually 3 to 5 minutes)

How does it work?

After your patient has left, you will perform routine surface disinfection: seat, cyalitic lamp, spittoons and instrument block before completely clearing the worktops. You will move the UVMaster172 near the chair and in the diagonal you will place the UVSlave172.

After connecting them, you will switch on the ignition. The green light will come on and the display will show you the programmed treatment time. You will push the key to start booting, the indicator turns orange and the 30 ”countdown is displayed and starts with an audible signal (repetitive beep). You will then leave the room you are closing. You can follow the progress of the disinfection using the remote control display which will signal the end of the treatment.

How to use this system:

Routine disinfection:

After the departure of your patient, you perform routine surface disinfection: Seat, operating light, spittoon and instrument block etc before completely clearing the worktops.


You move the UVMaster172 near the chair and the UVSlave172 in the diagonal of the seat.


After connecting the UVSlave172 to the UVMaster172 with a special cord, you can plug the UVMaster172 into a traditional electrical outlet. You then verify that the devices are properly powered.

Start up / Ignition of the system:

You turn the ignition key to power the device (green light). If you are ready to leave the room, force the key to the right. The timer will start with an audible signal (one beep per second) and you have 30 seconds to leave the room.

Turn on and disinfection:

If the presence detectors of the slave and the master do not detect movement in the room, the UV lights up successively. The treatment is started for the programmed duration. The motion detectors are activated. If an intrusion is detected, both devices are immediately stopped. You are directly informed via the remote control which emits an audible alert.

Ending of operating:

During the processing, you are informed by wireless remote control of the count. The remote control is also equipped with a small red beacon to prevent access to the cabinet by placing it on the door or its doorframe. This remote control can also allow you to stop treatment at any time.

Once the disinfection is complete, the audible signal from the UVmaster172 and UVslave172 devices stops at the same time as the UVC lamps, the remote control light goes out and the display informs you of the success of the treatment.

What is included in your delivery?

This system includes;

  • Two mobile devices, each including a quartz-protected UVC tube (1 x UVMaster172w and 1 x UVSlave172w)
  • 1 x Remote Control
  • 1 x Patient Information Pack

This allows for the treatment of a standard room of 4 metres x 4 metres.

* The UVmastercare solution is suitable for rooms where the greatest floor length is 8 metres maximum. For larger rooms, please contact our team on 028 92 67 70 77 and we will help to define a tailor-made solution for your location.

Some frequently asked questions:

How does the UV Mastercare system work?

You connect the slave master with a dedicated special cord. You then connect the Master to your power source. You position the master unit and the slave unit close to each side of the dental chair. You turn the ignition key to power the device (green LED). You adapt (or not) UV treatment duration using the + and – buttons. If you are ready to leave the room, force the key to the right. The timer will engage with an audible signal (a beep per second) and you have 30 seconds to leave the room. If presence detectors of the slave and the master do not detect movement in the room, the process will commence. During processing, you are informed via the wireless remote control of the countdown to completion. The remote control is also equipped with a red beacon to prohibit access to room. This remote control can also be used to make an emergency stop if it happens that a person enters the room. The presence detector instantly interrupts the UV if it detects any movement. You can resume processing by forcing back the key on the right re-causing the 30-second countdown.

What is the difference between air purification systems and the UV-C system from UV Mastercare?

No air purification system ventilation + UVC, even at high speed, can have a very rapid decontamination effect. Indeed air processed by the that type of device remixes with polluted air (mixing), and ‘air  must spend more time in the system to be cleaned. The minimum action time is estimated at 30 minutes if the flow rate is equivalent to 40 times the volume (m3) of your practice. In addition, untreated air pockets may remain in certain areas.

In addition, these systems do not address the surfaces or the floor. Therefore, only the UVmastercare system is sufficient since the UV-C lamps allow both a direct and efficient purification of ambient air and a total disinfection of floors and surfaces in a much shorter time (3 minutes 16m2).

How to know if the UV Mastercare system is well suited to the size of your clinic:

If the dimensions of your room is than 7 meters square, our system can adapt. The standard system allows for the treatment of a 4x4 metre size room.

We have provided a system that consists of 4 lamps (and more) per room for larger rooms. Feel free to send us a plan and a picture of your room if required and we can advise accordingly.

What is the qualiy of the UV-C Lamps?

Based on 15 years of expertise in UV-C technology, the manufacturing team has selected the best type of UV-C technology - low pressure amalgam 172W. This will provide a more efficient system than competing systems.

Is the use of UV dangerous?

UV is very dangerous especially to the eyes. It is not recommended to be in the room during the few minutes of operation of the unit. Our engineers have implemented several measures to avoid accidental exposure:

  • Down counter has ignition
  • 4x presence sensors distributed over the two brackets
  • A “panic” button clearly visible and accessible.
  • The little red light on the remote control can be placed on the door. However if someone accidentally enters the cabinet during processing, motion detectors instantly cut off all the lights. (And an alert on the internet and GSM can beings launched).
  • UV detectors at the bottom of each tube can confirm the good control of the tubes by the system.

Can the use of UV damage any materials or flooring?

Some plastics and polymers can actually be discolored or become brittle after prolonged use, the same way as after exposure to sunlight. We studied in the laboratory the impact of our UVC on materials that we find in a dental office, the current results are encouraging and do not seem to damage most materials.

Can I use marker tests?

You can position your system on a small area or strip to confirm UV exposure.

Are there any maintenance requirements?

There is no special maintenance required.

Can I move this system around easily?

Yes, each unit is equipped with wheels and is very easy to move, for example in another room while the clinic is busy with another patient.

How do I position this system?

You can send us the plan and two photos of your practice and we can advise the best layout of the devices.

Does a glass door stop the UV-C?

Yes, once the door closed, there is no risk as UV-C rays are totally stopped by a glass surface.

How is this system delivered and installed?

The devices are delivered directly to the address specified in the order with installation guides. The set-up is easy and performed by the user and you can always contact us for any additional advice required.

How much is a UV Lamp replacement?

The cost of a replacement lamp is approximately £500 excluding VAT.

Can I decontaminate  my mask or apron using this UV Mastercare system?

The UV-C radiation is not very penetrating. Its effectiveness on clothing and masks will be limited to a surface treatment. It is not possible to guarantee disinfection within the fibers.

Do I need to close windows whilst using this system?

To master the disinfection of aerosols, it is advisable not to generate air currents and therefore to close the windows. In addition, window panes will block the spread of radiation outside of the room and therefore prevent or neighboring loops are exposed to UV radiation. Finally, air streams may result in the movement of objects (paper sheets for example) in the workpiece and trigger motion detectors of UVMasterCare and hence interruption of treatment.

Is it normal to notice a smell after using this system?

Yes, this is proof that the system works well in a room that contained a lot of spray. indeed, the UVmastercare system generates radiation with powerful oxidizing effect. Tests carried out in our laboratories have shown that in a room subject to several successive disinfections, the smell disappeared completely since there was more material to oxidize suspended.

How do I handle this system and can I touch the UV tube?

The UVMasterCare is provided with a handle for easy handling. It is not recommended to hit the quartz tube protecting the UV lamp. Indeed, the film of lubricant to be deposited to contact with the fingers constitute a micro filter layer sensing the passage a portion of the UV radiation. A dirty quartz will decrease the efficiency. Cleaning is done using a damp cloth and a ceramic cleaner.

How do I clean the UV tube?

It is necessary to distinguish the quartz tube and UV lamp protection itself. The UVC tube and the quartz tube should not be cleaned.

Can I touch the UV lamp or quartz?

No. The UVC lamp and the quartz tube should never be touched. Fingerprints decrease the effectiveness of treatment and immediately after treatment the temperature of the tubes may result in case of direct contact skin burns.

How long is the warranty on the the UV lamp?

The lamps are guaranteed for 2 years.

Should I also decontaminate the Pano room?

In the room where any panoramic radio is performed, there are no product aerosols. Therefore, it is NOT necessary to disinfect using UVmastercare system. Should you have any doubt, you can of course place the UVmaster172 unit in the room for a short treatment.

Who is this manufactured by?

This system is manufactured by UV Mastercare and you can see full information regarding them on their website here