We are the specialists for special needs children's beds and cots throughout Ireland

Are you in Ireland or Northern Ireland and have a child with special needs? Do you need to source an appropriate bed or cot? You have found the right place!

Our dedicated Paediatric Product Specialists are on hand to work with you and any Health Professional to supply a suitable special needs bed or cot.

A good nights sleep is essential for anyone and our range of specialist beds and cots includes options for a wide range of children of all ages. They have been designed with an extensive range of conditions and our specialists are experienced and experts in this field.

Our consultative approach means we can advise the best special needs bed or cot for your child. We only work with the best manufacturers and are recognised as leaders in our field throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland.

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Scan Impression Cot


This cot has been designed so that it is easily assembled and installed. It will serve your needs in what is a very demanding environment and create a safe space for children of all aged and sizes.

It is available in two mattress platform sizes; 1700mm x 700mm or 1900mm x 900mm

Various sizes of cot sides and ends are also available ensuring the cot will provide optimum safety to children with differing needs.

Features and benefits:

  • Electric height adjustment - Improves moving and handling procedures
  • Bi-folding doors on both sides - Facilitates easy access to the child from either side of the cot
  • Electric backrest - Means easy raising of the child into a sitiing position which helps in reduction of respiratory problems
  • Electric Trendelenburg and Anto Trendenlenberg - Allows tilt and anti tilt of the cot
  • 40cm-80cm height adjustment - Optmimises care environment and reduces risk of back injuries. This also helps in the case of transfers. It can be used to improve and maintain independence.
  • Safety latch on folding doors - Helps prevent accidental or inappropiate opening
  • Padding - Easily cleaned
  • Steel construction -  Very strong and ensures durability, longevity and stability.
  • 12.5cm braking castor wheels - Allows for easy movement and cleaning while providing improved environment for care giver
  • Knee break is optional and facilitates full profiling of the cot

Scanbed Alpha Junior Bed


The ScanBed Alpha Junior is a new short four section profiling bed developed to meet the needs of the smaller adult and children but has all the features of a community bed, plus an integral bed extension.

It has been specifically designed to accommodate the profiling required for children therefore maximising the potential for the backrest and knee break to be in the correct position when profiling.

The three bar side rails have 60mm gaps between each bar that comply with recommended guidelines. The bed can also be extended by 15cm along with the side rails if required.

Feature Benefit
Optimal Height Adjustability 40 – 80cm standard setting.


33 - 73 cm low setting

Variable Platform Height Setting Accommodates both taller and shorter children's transfer needs.
Stable Construction Provides a safe environment and guaranteed



Easy Assembly Fast, convenient construction enabling efficient service.
Easy Clean The modular design facilitates infection


Control recommendations therefore enabling easy maintenance.

Floorbed Junior 1














Accora have developed a simple, safe and cost-effective solution to enable departments to stay compliant with the new 50637 standard for children’s beds.

FloorBed® 1 Junior is suitable for service users with height 75 cm upwards.

Product Specification:

Overall dimensions: 925 x 2255 mm (36.4" x 88.8")
Mattress size: 900 x 2000 mm (35.4" x 78.7")
Safe working load: 185 kg (29 st, 408 lbs)
Patient weight: 150 kg (24 st, 330 lbs)
Lifting range: 71 – 650 mm (2.8" – 25.6") (excl. mattress)
Profiling functions: Backrest with Auto-regression, Kneebreak, Anti-Trendelenburg, Trendelenburg
Service user height: From 75 cm
Part number: NSB-0-FL1-200 + JUNKIT-0-FL1-000

Safespace Cosyfit


The Cosyfit is a robust high-sided sleep area, which can be easily dismantled and stored

Who it’s for:

The Cosyfit is designed for individuals with limited mobility and is robust enough for adults and children who may rock, thrash about, push or kick. For those with the ability to stand, walk, pull to standing or climb, we usually recommend the Safespace. The Cosyfit also creates a safe environment for those who may otherwise be restricted to a wheelchair.


It is used mainly as a safe bed for those at risk of falling or hurting themselves on metal or wooden bed surrounds.  Its soft, high sides, open top and large viewing panel create a comfortable sleep area. The large soft window on one or both sides allows light in and creates a sense of space whilst allowing the user to watch television or enjoy sensory equipment. This also helps with communication and reduces the feeling of isolation or containment experienced by those in beds with very high sides. Users will often seek it out at other times too, to relax or play - a place to feel safe in. The Cosyfit provides much needed peace of mind for carers and parents, reducing anxieties about injuries from falls, rolling and seizures. Noise levels are reduced as there are no hard surfaces to bang on. The Cosyfit can be quickly and easily dismantled for storage, making it ideal for respite centres and care homes.


  • 3 reinforced padded side panels and 1 opening side with a mattress as standard.
  • Can be pushed against a wall where space is limited.
  • Front panel can be fully opened and fastened to the side, providing a large open area.
  • The low floor makes it easy to step into.
  • Easy to dismantle and store.
  • Can be used with a ceiling track hoist or adapted for use with a mobile hoist.

Safespace Siesta and Hi-Lo option


Who it’s for?

The Siesta is designed for those who may have a lot of movement and strength, but are unable or disinclined to pull up or climb over the high sides. The customization design makes it suitable for those with complex or varying nursing needs and those requiring a hoist. Its robust ‘flex-out’ sides can be kicked, punched, head-butted or rocked against, and help keep a person safe from injuries and from falling against hard surfaces for example during seizures


The Siesta creates a safe, low stimulation environment that promotes easier settling at bedtime and improves sleep patterns, providing a safer environment for those who continue to wake at night. The Siesta’s versatility and easy clean design make it particularly suitable for hospital settings or other situations where a wide range of clients’ needs can be accommodated by one extremely tough and versatile piece of equipment. Opening panels on up to all four sides, allow access for nursing and care, including head end for emergency resuscitation.


The Siesta is made with the same heavy duty PVC fabric as all our products, supported on a strong frame and base. The walls flex out to absorb impact and so require a clearance of 25cm (10”) from any hard surface. The Siesta can be jet washed, or the fabric can be easily removed for steam-cleaning, to support infection control. Opening panels can be zipped open and clipped back, or rolled up for ease of access. Viewing panels allow in light, create a sense of space, and facilitate observation and communication between client and carer, which can be restricted by other designs of high sided beds. A viewing panel at the foot end can allow the client to watch television or enjoy sensory products. The Siesta has a raised platform to accommodate mobile hoisting and an open top to accommodate ceiling track hoisting. The Siesta comes with a 15cm (6”) mattress as standard.

Safespace Hi-Lo












The Safespace Hi-Lo is a Safespace with a robust, height adjustable base.


A safe bedroom, playroom or chill-out space

A Safespace can make a huge difference when a person has safety issues, poor sleep patterns or behavioural difficulties. It can provide a safe play space, sleeping space or a calm area. Families often report a big improvement in the life and well-being of the person using it and a positive impact on the whole family.


A Safespace creates a low stimulation environment which can help with settling at bedtime and improve sleep patterns. It can also provide a safer environment for those who continue to wake at night.

Sensory room

With the option of a white wall and lighting effects, such as our fibre optics kit or special effects projector (see Accessories) the Safespace makes an ideal sensory room.


Each Safespace is custom-made, with a door and window, aligned with the door and window of your own room. This allows for the use of curtains, light fittings, radiators and electric sockets, television, music and sensory equipment. This helps to create a light airy, comfortable space, much more attractive and versatile than conventional room padding. The walls of the Safespace are positioned 25cm away from any hard surfaces and flex out on impact, removing the risk of injury from hard surfaces, such as walls, radiator, in the room. The floor has 75mm of foam under it, which absorbs much of the impact from anyone falling or landing heavily on it. This is adequate for most Safepace users and provides a surface which is stable enough to walk on. If the Safespace could be used by someone who is likely to intentionally bang their head on the floor with a lot of force without wearing protective headgear, we would recommend the provision of a 75mm floor mat inside the Safepace. Room sizes need to be at least 50cms (20") wider than the Safespace to allow the walls to flex out safely.


Roll up wall – this can be added if access is required through the Safespace to reach fitted wardrobes. Viewing panels – these can be added to enable the person using the Safespace to watch television or enjoy sensory equipment situated outside the Safespace. These can vary in size as appropriate. If a very low stimulation environment is required, we would not recommend the addition of viewing panels. Projection screen - an internal white wall can be included in the design of the Safespace. This can be used as a projection screen.