We had the pleasure of a visit from Jurg Schuster this week. Jurg is the innovative entrepreneur founder of the Samarit Medical group and inventor of the original banana-shaped glideboard transfer aid.

Jurg informing us we had space for lots more Samarit products!

Jurg informing us we had plenty of space for lots more Samarit products!

We've been working with Samarit since the late 1990's and we were delighted to welcome Jurg back for a look around our Lisburn showroom and facilities. After a chat with the team, our MD Nick took Jurg on another tour, rounding out the day with a trip up the beautiful northcoast and Giant's Causeway.

Samarit Medical was founded with the aim to improve the care of patients and assist medical staff in the transfer and movement of said patients by making it easier and more efficient, reducing stress for the patient and effort for the carer.

Jurg was the original model for the Curved Glideboard. Like the product, this photo has stood the test of time!

Starting with the Rollbord which allows patient transfer without lifting, and expanding the range to over 20 models of transfer aids; Samarit also offers seated glideboards for wheelchair users including the best-selling and world renowned Curved Glideboard.

Samarit Curved Glideboard

The Samarit Curved Glideboard is the original and best selling banana shaped transfer board manufactured to a very high standard and ideal for transfers between wheelchairs, chairs, beds and cars.  The shape is design patent protected. Specifically developed anti-slide adhesive pads on the rear of the board ensures the positioning on the bed, wheelchair, etc.

Samarit Tetraglide Board

The Tetraglide transfer board from Samarit was developed specially for tetraplegic users but is also increasingly popular because of its new “Fishtail”. The bike of the wheelchair fits into the notch of the glide board. It is characterised by the ease with which the patient can be sat upon, by the manner in which it can be inserted from both sides and is utilised for transfer bed – chair – WC, etc.

Samarit Hightec Rollbord

The Hightec range is the premium range available in a choice of 5 models designed for heavy duty use in areas such as theatres and recovery wards where lateral transfers happen many times a day. As with all Samarit Rollbord's, the Standard version features a rigid board with a slide surface encapsulated in a tubular cover which slides freely over the board when pushed in a lateral direction, making transfers safe and easy from bed to trolley. Unlike all other lateral transfer systems, the Samarit Hightec range uses a teflon coating for its low friction coating which is extremely durable out performing silicone coatings many times over, making the Hightec range ideal for heavy duty users.