Salli Systems is the leading developer in sitting health and avoiding sitting disorders. Their innovative work and effective development since 1990 have taken them furthest on the way towards understanding how to attain good sitting health.  

Salli Saddle Chair offers you an unburdened, standing-like, and active way to sit in balance, giving rise to several other health factors that keep you alert and creative. On Salli you sit in an upright vertical position where we are at our strongest, both physically and mentally. The pelvis is in its neutral upright position and the spine holds up the upper body. The muscles are relaxed and you are in balance. The disks are evenly loaded, and the small movements you make when, e.g., turning or reaching for things activate and thus strengthen your back and core muscles – all the while sitting in a good, upright posture. Circulation remains undisturbed the whole day. Also, a variety of other health factors kick in, such as deeper breathing that keeps energy levels high, and well-functioning digestion. Good posture also results in mental strength, creativity and better concentration.

The Solo replaces the original Classic Salli and is an excellent, one-piece saddle seat designed to encourage better posture and positioning during your working day. Ideal for situations such as dentists, we've also had clients from clinical and therapeutic backgrounds use the products. The lightweight unit and freemoving castors allows the dentist or dental hygienist to easily move around the patient, retrieve equipment and adjust themselves into better viewing and operating positions or to relieve pressure during longer procedures.

The Solo Seat is available in 2 models, Solo Tilt & Solo Swing. Visually identical, the only variation is the functions of the seat itself. The Solo Tilt allows the user to adjust the forward and backward angle of the chair and the Solo Swing model allows a more fluid motion, with angling and positioning possible without having to manually adjust, it can be done just from hip movement.

The Solo range is available in many attractive colours, in leather, PU leather & wool materials with a choice of base design and in 3 sizes: small, medium & large. Add some additional support accessories to optimise your comfort during use.

Our MD Nick has been a Salli System user for several years, using the Swing stool with split saddle and Standing Desk in his day-to-day work.


The range of Salli saddle stools, seats and desks are available via our website but please feel free to get in touch if you would like any more information.