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Have a look at this fabulous range of saddle chairs from sitting health experts, Salli®.

They have an excellent portfolio of chairs to suit individuals who require saddle like sitting for back problems, or those who work in medical industry such as surgeons, dentists and chiropractors and even those in the catering and food industry that require furniture to be hygenic and easily cleaned.

There is a saddle chair to suit everyone and all types of working environments, and not only is it ideal for those with current back problems but there are LOTS of proven health benefits to using a saddle like chair.

Salli® are the sitting health experts and have been investing in R&D since 1990 - this has helped them create an award winning product and they achieved an honorary award in Innovation 2015.

Here are the various health benefits of using a saddle chair compared to traditional chair.

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Salli® Saddle Chairs Key Features

• Two-part seat for correct postural position and gap for genital health.

• Available with or without inclination adjustment feature

• Leather upholstery, comfortable padded seat and available in a range of colours

• Suitable for many working environments and individual needs

• Gas spring for height adjustment

• Finnish design, manufactured in China

• Light, portable models available

• Extra strong models available for larger users

• Max user weight up to 150kg on some models

• 10 year warranty

Salli® Story

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The Salli saddle chair is the brainchild of Veli-Jussi Jalkanen a keen horserider since 1974. Jalkenen lived a very active and healthy lifestyle, however suffered from back pain while sitting in his office. After consulting with a specialist doctor he was advised the saddle like position had many benefits and this led to the creation of Salli Chairs.

Salli Saddle chairs were designed and engineered to ensure the correct sitting position and avoid sitting disorders and most MSD such as back pain, sciatia, poor posture.

Sitting on a saddle chair reduces tensions in the back and sciatic-type pains, enhances circulation, makes breathing deeper, keeps the hip joint in the optimal 135 degree angle

While sitting on a saddle chair the spine is almost in the same position as when standing therefore it is natural and easy to maintain - there is a small curve in the lower back and the vertebrae is not pressing the disks.

How to use Salli® Saddle Chairs

How to adjust Salli® Saddle Chairs

You can download Salli® Saddle Chairs FAQ's for more information

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