Koala Miniflex Paediatric Powerchair

The Koala is the ideal wheelchair for children, from toddlers to young teenagers.

It is equipped with the same powerful motors and front-wheel drive as Permobil's wheelchairs for adults, but adapted to the needs of children.

The Miniflex seating system is a flexible seating system for growing children and children with special seating needs.

Available in three sizes and with a range of body supports. Options include installation of an orthotic seat.

Model Highlights

  • Maximum user weight 35 kg
  • Range 20-30 km
  • Maximum speed 6,5 km/h
  • Obstacle height 60 mm
  • Turning radius 570 mm

Features and spec:

  • Electronically controlled tilt adjustment and seat lift
  • Rear wheel drive for responsive steering
  • Bumper for safe and comfortable driving
  • Wheel rims and hub caps available
  • Easily accessible charging point
  • Tilt and height adjustment included as standard
  • Total length 965 mm
  • Total width 585 mm
  • Minimum transport length 710 mm
  • Seat height (fixed) 340 mm
  • Seat height with powered seat lift 410 - 660 mm
  • Total weight incl. batteries 94 kg
  • Maximum user weight 35 kg
  • Seat width 250 - 300 - 350 mm
  • Seat depth 270 - 320 - 370 mm
  • Backrest width 270 - 320 - 370 mm
  • Backrest height 325 - 375 - 425 - 475 mm
  • Distance between armrests 250 - 350 mm
  • Backrest angle - adjustable 80o - 145o
  • Leg support angle - adjustable 90o - 150o
  • Battery capacity 2 x 40 Ah Range (ISO 7176-4) 25 - 30 km
  • Maximum speed 6.5 km/hr Turning radius (ISO 7176-5) 570 mm
  • Obstacle height 60 mm
  • Suspension no
  • Electronics R-net
  • Powered seat lift yes
  • Powered seat tilt yes
  • Powered leg rest adjustment no
  • Powered backrest adjustment no
  • Guarantee 2 years
  • EN12182/EN12184 CE yes

Permobil F5 Corpus VS Standing Wheelchair


Permobil F5 Corpus VS Standing Wheelchair is a powerful front wheel drive powerchair with the terrific corpus seat.

This seating system is designed to effectively support the clinical, functional and lifestyle needs of active users.

The vertical stander (VS) offers an innovative new way of standing, allowing you to choose from 2 positions: Sit-to-stand and Lay-to-stand.

The F5 Corpus VS is equipped with a wide range of features to give you greater independence and freedom and provides comfort and stability when you stand and drive both indoors and outdoors.

Driving control options available for non-joystick users as well as seperate controls for carers.

For transport purposes, the upper part of the backrest can be removed to reduce the overall size of the wheelchair.

Key features

  • Comfort - The ergonomically designed Corpus seating system offers maximum comfort.
  • Stability - Powered self-adjusting support wheels offer stability and comfort while standing and driving over obstacles.
  • Stand and drive - Choose between Sit-to-stand or Lay-to-stand, or have both!
  • Control - Driving and seat positioning controls. Equipped with full colour LCD display with memory functions, speedometer and clock.
  • Independence - The FS VS has the capability of raising you 35cm. The seat elevator gives users greater freedom and independence.
  • Performance - Powerful new motors combined with front wheel drive and ESP (Enhanced Steering Performance) give you speed and freedom of movement to go wherever you want.
  • Permobil also offers special made-to-measure solutions to suit your individual needs and requirements.

Permobil M3 Corpus Powerchair


Permobil M3 Corpus Mid-Wheel Powerchair follows your natural body movements, giving you a stable and comfortable driving experience.

You can sit longer, reach further and gives you the freedom and independence to do more.

The terrific corpus seating system is completely customisable and proven to help reduce the risk of developing pressure sores.

With the possibility of no less than five power seating functions inlcuding active height & acctive reach, coupled with three programmable seat memories, your comfort and well-being is assured.




  • Seat height 450 mm
  • Seat height with electric seat lift 450–750 mm
  • Max. user weight 150 kg
  • Seat width 420–570 mm (by 50 mm)
  • Seat depth 370–570 mm (by 25 mm)
  • Backrest width 360/410/460/510 mm
  • Backrest height 470, 545–670 mm (by 25 mm)
  • Distance between armrests 380–480/480–580 mm
  • Backrest angle – adjustable 120°(manual),150° & 180°(power)
  • Armrest height 185–320 mm
  • Legrest angle – adjustable 90°–180°
  • Range 30 km*
  • Max. speed 10 km/h
  • Turning in corridor 1100 mm
  • Obstacle capability 50-75 mm
  • Electric tilt adjustment (posterior) 50°
  • Electric tilt adjustment (anterior)** 10°/20°
  • Crash tested

Permobil X850 Corpus 3G Off-Road Wheelchair


Permobil X850 Corpus 3G Off-Road Wheelchair designed for those who demand high performance.

Equipped with a powerful motor, robust seating system and has a max speed of 9mph.

The chair is equipped with ESP (Electronic Steering Performance) which controls the engine and ensures that you never lose control when taking a corner.

It has directional lighting which stay on the track, spring-loaded mirrors, and rubber bumpers which can take a knock

The outstanding aspect of the Corpus 3G is that the seating system is completely adapted to the natural form of the body.The seat can be rotated 180°, making mounting and dismounting easy.

Model highlights

  • Maximum user weight 136 kg
  • Range 35-45 km
  • Maximum speed 10-15 km/h
  • Obstacle height 110 mm
  • Turning radius 1680 mm

Electrical functions

  • Seat lift, Backrest adjustment, Tilt adjustment, Wheelbase adjustment, Seat rotation

Special solutions

  • Special made-to-measure solutions to suit your needs and lifestyle.

Wheelbase Corpus 3G

  • Adjustable wheelbase ensuring the length is precisely suited to you and if necessary you can adjust the length of the chair.

Seating system Corpus 3G

  • The Corpus seating system offers a range of power-adjusted options. You can use the control panel to easily adjust the backrest. A powered seat lift is also available and the seat can be rotated 180° for easier transfer.

Backrest Corpus 3G

  • The comfortable backrest offers the correct postural support and is electrically operated adjustable in steps of 25 mm.

Smartdrive MX2 Power Attachment for manual wheelchairs