Need a lightweight, four wheel, automatic folding mobility scooter?

You have reached the right place! We have developed a fabulous range of lightweight, four wheel mobility scooters that fold automatically.

  • This means you do not have to stoop down to fold your scooter and it removes the need to disassemble your scooter into multiple parts.
  • Many models are airline approved so you can take them on holiday with you
  • Four wheels offer increased stability

These automatic folding mobility scooters can be placed into the boot of your car but it is important that you consider what you can lift safely. You may wish to consider a car hoist to help with this - see our range of car hoists here too

We offer free home demonstrations of some of our range so just call us today on 028 92 67 70 77 to arrange this or have a helpful chat with a friendly expert who can help advise what is worth considering given your unique circumstances.

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Our range of automatic, four wheel folding mobility scooters


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The Foldy Pro is a lightweight four wheel folding mobility scooter - and it opens and closes automatically

This mobility scooter is ideal for travelling and is powered by an airline friendly Lithium battery which gives a range of 13 miles.

lightweight four wheel automatic folding mobility scooter

You can take this on holiday with you or just pop into the boot of your car. It weighs 27.2kg and folds automatically by pushing just one button on the remote control!

You can also open and close it by pushing the button on the main unit itself.

Features and benefits:
  • Top speed of 4mph
  • Maximum range of 13 miles on full battery charge
  • Folds to a compact size within 12 seconds
  • Compact scooter designed to fit into small car boots
  • Lightweight folding scooter weighs in at only 27.2kg, making it ideal for cruises, flights and bus trips
  • Scooter can be folded and unfolded using the remote control or buttons on the tiller of the scooter itself
  • Comfortable padded seat and backrest
  • Carry handle allows the scooter to be easily lifted in and out of car boots
  • Automatic electromagnetic brake system
  • Height adjustable tiller to suit user requirements
  • Solid puncture proof tyres
  • On-board charging, with batteries included as standard
  • Ground clearance of 40mm
  • Rear anti-tip wheels as standard
  • Anti-roll back system safety device prevents scooter from rolling backwards on hills
  • 25.9V 12ah lithium ion airline friendly battery - Airline approved
  • Available in Electric Blue
  • Weight capacity of 125kg (19.7st)

  • Length: 96cm (38″)
  • Height: 88cm (34.5″)
  • Width: 62cm (24.5″)
  • Weight: 27.2kg
  • Maximum weight capacity: 125kg (19.7st)
If you have any questions about this lightweight automatic folding scooter then just call our helpful and friendly team on 028 92 67 70 77.


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TGA Minimo Autofold automatic folding mobility scooter

The Minimo Autofold scooter from TGA is a terrific mobility scooter that folds automatically in one simple movement.

It offers all of the great benefits of the TGA Minimo Plus 4 but opens and closes automatically.

By pressing the handle bar side button before applying pressure to the foot pedal to start the automated folding, the need for bending down is eliminated. This not only maximises convenience but reduces the risk of back injury.

This high specification 4mph scooter has a traditional four-wheel configuration for extra stability, a small turning radius for negotiating corners and features pneumatic tyres for a smooth ride.

What’s more, the Autofold is ideal for transporting in the car and taking on the plane thanks to its lithium battery and compact frame.

  • Travel up to 4mph for a range up to 10 miles (16km)
  • A turning radius of only 900mm
  • Pneumatic tyres and four-wheel configuration for stability
  • Maximum user weight of 18 stone (115kg)
  • Stylish design based on the Minimo family of scooters
  • Airline approved


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Smarti Automatic Folding Mobility Scooter

The Smarti Scooter is a lightweight automatic folding four wheel mobility scooter and has a top speed of 4mph.

The Smarti can be easily folded or unfolded by remote control in under 12 seconds, providing a quick and easy transport solution for users on the go.

It gives a good range of 10 miles on a full charge and folds neatly so it can fit into the boot of your car - even small car boots. It is powered by a Lithium airline friendly battery so you can take it on holiday with you, or on the train, bus or coach.

You can of course adjust the tiller to find your most comfortable driving position and the padded seat and backrest offers comfort while driving.

Key features

    • Lightweight - only 24kg in total
    • Automatic folding using the remote key fob
    • Airline friendly lithium battery
    • 4mph top speed
    • 10 mile range
    • 21.4 stone max user weight.
    • Folding seat back
    • Adjustable armrests
    • Height adjustable Smarti tiller
    • Delta bar controls
    • Colour coded power indicator
    • Easy access charging point
    • Key operated and speed dial control
    • Motability aprroved (we offer Motability Scheme in Northern Ireland)


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Mobie Plus Folding Mobility Scooter

The Mobie Plus Folding Mobility Scooter is ideal for travelling and storing in the boot of the car.

Key features:

    • Lightweight - only 23kg (without battery)
    • Lightweight lithium battery - 1.8kg
    • 4mph top speed and has excellent 9 mile range.
    • 21 stone max user weight.
    • Height adjustable Smarti tiller
    • Delta bar controls
    • Key operated and speed dial control
    • Motability aprroved (we offer Motability Scheme in Northern Ireland)
    • Airline approved battery

Optional accessories: 

    • Off-board charging dock
    • Armrests


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Knight Electrofold Travel Mobility Scooter - available early 2020

The Knight automatic folding mobility scooter looks tremendous and the modern styling really sets the standard for all mobility scooters in this class.

It is compact and lightweight and easy to use and the batteries allow you to travel by plane.

Featuring laser technology to help you guide the way, the Knight comes with all the build quality you would expect from Drive DeVilbiss.

  • Remote control offers ignition free operation within 1 meter
  • Height and width adjustable armrests
  • Flip back armrests for easy transfer
  • Removable battery pack for easy off-board charging
  • Comfortable padded seat and backrest can be easily removed
  • Pneumatic tyres for a smoother, more comfortable ride
  • Airline approved


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The ATTO folds manually but does so very easily


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ATTO folding travel mobility scooter - opens and closes manually but well worth considering.


The ATTO is an amazing folding mobility scooter and is the most advanced folding mobility scooter available on the market today.

It features a unique splitting mechanism which makes it easy to store and to handle - the heaviest part is just 16kg!

  • It folds in seconds to the size of a trolley suitcase so is perfect for those looking for convenience or whilst travelling.
  • It can be brought on an aeroplane and fits snugly into the boot of your car.
  • An additional lifting handle now included as standard and it even has a USB port so you can charge your phone as you go!
  • It comes with a universal charger and a 10 mile range Lithium battery.
  • An airline battery safety certificate is included as standard.

We offer a free, no obligation home demonstration service of the ATTO scooter throughout the UK and Ireland! Call us today on 028 92 633 798 to arrange yours.