The Tomcat Hand Bike now available throughout Scotland

It is the world’s first Hand-Propelled trike that can be fitted with a Carer Control system, for the parent to brake, steer and aid propulsion from behind.

It is designed for users with wide ranging disabilities but no use, or extremely little use of their legs.




Children and adults with little or no use of their legs, amputees etc

Main Features

  • Custom Built to your childs individual needs
  • Can be fitted with Tomcat’s Patented Carer Control System
  • Low Friction – High Efficiency, Smooth, Silent (Non Oily) Belt Drive
  • Counterbalanced Rotary Motion eliminates tiring heavy spots
  • ‘Easily adjustable’ Hub Position allows for individual growth or Multi User applications
  • Single or Multi Speed Drives
  • Innovative Joystick Bar enables safe one handed cycling.
  • Joystick Bar also enables easy gear change with secondary braking and steering.
  • Lightweight and easily Transportable thanks to Tomcats Patented Quick Releasing Frame
  • ‘Hand propelled’ only or ‘Hand and Foot’ propelled
  • Trailer Bar accessory attaches Hand Cycle to a towing Bicycle
  • Full range of support accessories available.
  • Height adjustable foot supports
  • Available with Tomcat’s Carer Control systems: Full Carer Control, Carer Braking or independent rider
  • No tiring heavy spots

What’s Special about The Tomcat Handy trike?

Tomcats Handy Trike is very much designed with learning difficulties, poor motor skills and rider safety in mind.  It’s a classy looking machine with single or multi-speed drives and many important features not available on other hand propelled trikes such as an optional Two-Piece Frame, trailer bar, hand AND foot drive, and either Carer Control or Carer Braking.

However, its key Hand Propelled feature is its balanced cranks.

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What are “Balanced Cranks”?

When children have poor strength, co-ordination or learning difficulties, they struggle with the pendulum effect of paired crank handles and are content to rock the handles back and forth, (which is unproductive).  By balancing the drive system, we have overcome that issue and riders find the Tomcat HP, simple, intuitive, and easy to use.

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Other Benefits.

When fitted with Carer Control, our Tomcat Handy trike becomes very much easier to propel because holding the Carer Control arm, eliminates the “steering wander” typical of hemiplegia or other uneven arm action.  The Tomcat HP also has other important benefits such as easy transportability, a non oily belt drive, full adjustability, and because the legs are often static, a much longer lifespan.

Custom Building

Needless to say the Tomcat Handy is bespoke for the user – be it individual or group use – from the wheels up, because we believe it’s better to make your trike after we understand your difficulties and not before!  Tomcat products are about you – not us.

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“The biggest difference we’ve noticed with Erin is that she’s far more confident when she’s out and about she’s able to talk to people. From a physiotherapy point of view, she’s actually building arm muscle which given her condition of SMA is fantastic. Family life has improved no end since we’ve had the trike.”

Nigel & Erin Brant

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We offer free home assessments or visit our showroom in Edinburgh

See the full range of Tomcat Special Needs Trikes available in Scotland

We offer the full range of Tomcat Special Needs Trikes in Scotland

Free Trike assessments available throughout Scotland – call today on 0131 440 3929

special needs bike in Scotland Tel 0131 440 3929

Our fully trained Product Specialists offer free, no obligation assessment of the Tomcat Special Needs Trikes range throughout Scotland.

One of our experienced assessors will visit you and the rider in question, with all the essential pieces of equipment needed to find out exactly what type of trike, support and features are needed.

The Assessor will also be able to help answer any questions that you have on the day.

Tomcat Trikes are all custom-built so we do need the rider to be present at the assessment.

You will be welcome to book an assessment at our mobility showroom in Loanhead, Edinburgh – or we can come to you.

All assessments are without any obligation whatsoever and our team are patient, knowledgeable and friendly!

Call us today to arrange your Special Needs Trike assessment in Scotland on

Tel: 0131 440 3929

A little about the inventor – Bob Griffin

Tomcat Special Needs Trikes founder, Bob Griffin, has been a lifelong professional engineer, with many years experience in manufacturing, marine engineering and innovation.

In 1special needs trike scotland Bob Griffin997, Bob met his wife Anne, and her son Thomas who had Angelman’s syndrome, a profound disability, typified by severe learning difficulties, sleep disturbance and poor coordination.

Bob and Tom soon became best friends and Bob looked for ways to help Tom sleep through increasing his exercise. At that time, trikes were considered unsuitable for children like Tom on safety and ability grounds, however Bob invented an entirely new kind of trike called a “Tomcat” which overcame the difficulties that were holding children like Tom back.

Its main feature was “Carer Control” – a rear steering and braking innovation that put the carer in control of every aspect of the child’s safety.

It became Tomcat signature invention, and the industry standard for special needs trike manufacturers worldwide, however, Tomcats patented system remains the gold standard by which all others are judged.

In 2013, Tomcat won the Queens award for Innovation for the 30 plus innovations that Tomcat developed for the disabled community.