The Dynamico Walker range is available in Ireland – North and South through us at John Preston Healthcare Group.

There are two models of this excellent walking aid which help children and adults to walk without assistance by enabling them to develop balance and other skills required for increasing Independence.

Both models come in a variety of sizes – we know how important it is for each user to get exactly what they need;

  • Dynamico Walker Indoor Model
  • Dynamico Walker Outdoor Model

Dynamico Indoor Walker from John Preston Healthcare Group, Lisburn, Northern Ireland

As with all of our wide range of Paediatric Walking Aids we have expert Product Specialists on hand to help guide you through your choice.

Gary Allen is our Product Specialist for Dynamico Walkers in Ireland and you can call him on 028 92 67 70 77 ( from Southern Ireland it is 0044 28 92 67 70 77 ) or email him at

We have been a family business since 1846 so we know how to look after customers. We are acutely aware of the fact that every child or user is different so we will ensure that you get exactly what is needed.

The Dynamico Walker range is available in various sizes in both the Indoor and Outdoor version and Gary can advise on the most suitable – you can also see the sizes of each version following the links above.

As well as the main walking aid there are some excellent accessories available including;

  • Dynamico Walker Arm Supports
  • Dynamico Walker Leg Dividers
  • Dynamico Walker Weight Bars
  • Dynamico Walkers Handlebars
  • Dynamico Walker Saddle
  • Dynamico Walker Trays
  • Dynamico Walker Harness
  • Dynamico Walker wheel locks

We will be delighted to provide consultation to you to ensure you or your child gets exactly what they need.