New year is the time many of us think of trying to be healthier. A more active lifestyle is known to be beneficial for both physical and mental health and having a disability should not exclude anyone from wanting to participate.

We have a wide range of equipment designed to help users with varying abilities to get involved, from active sports wheelchairs to special needs trikes, CPM physiotherapy devices to jogging buggies.

Hand Cycling

Tomcat Rotor Handy Trike

The Tomcat Handy is a hand propelled trike designed for users of 4 years to adults with wide ranging disabilities but no use, or extremely little use of their legs. It is the world’s first Hand-Propelled trike that can be fitted with a Carer Control system, for the parent to brake, steer and aid propulsion from behind. Its innovative and advanced engineering provides the simplest, easiest, most user friendly machine possible. Tomcat’s Handy Trike is very much designed with learning difficulties, poor motor skills and rider safety in mind.

Key features

  • Customer built to individual specifications
  • Low friction, smooth belt drive
  • Can be fitted with a Carer Control system, for the parent to brake, steer and aid propulsion from behind
  • Easily adjustable - allows for individual growth and multi-users
  • Single/multi speed drives
  • Innovative Joystick - Safe one hand cycling
  • Easy gear change and secondary braking and steering
  • CE Marked in accordance with MDR 2017/745
  • MHRA and EUDAMED Registered Medical device 


Rio Mobility Dragonfly 2 Handcycle Wheelchair Attachment

The new generation Dragonfly 2 now features a 2 point Lever activated attachment making it much easier to attach and detach from your wheelchair compared to the previous 4 point attachment. The Dragonfly handbike has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to manoeuvre and control in a range of directions, including on slide slopes. 

Key features

  • Attaches to your wheelchair in seconds 
  • Turns your wheelchair into a recreational exercise machine
  • Takes strain off shoulders
  • Fingertip control of brakes and gear shifter
  • Index shifter mounted on handle for easy gear changes
  • 8 speed transmissions 
  • Frame comes apart without the need for tools - easy to store and transport

Top End Excelerator Handcycle

The Excelerator Handcycle from Top End is a terrific adult handcycle with all the build quality you would expect from this leading manufacturer. It has an upright seat so is easy to get on and off and there are a number of seat widths available to suit you. You can reach speeds of up to 15mph and it is a great way to exercise, train or just to have some fun!

Key features

  • Frame – 1 3/4" x .065 ovalized carbon steel tubing.
  • Frame Design – Single main tube, upright position.
  • Wheelbase – Overall length 65"
  • Weight – Overall weight 50 lbs/22.7kg
  • Adjustable seat: forwards and backwards
  • Adjustable back height
  • Fold over back upholstery
  • Adjustable crank height

All Ability Cycling

Van Raam Twinny Tandem Bicycle

Van Raam Twinny Tandem Bicycle, designed for adult riders or an adult accompanying a taller child, allows us to enjoy the outdoors together. It is easy to get on and off the Twinny tandem withthe spacious low step through. It is designed with more space between the saddle of the front rider and the handle of the co-rider, thus avoiding the two riders sitting too close to each other.

You can use the optional switchable freewheel  to determine whether and how the passenger pedals. With the freewheel hub, the driver can decide they way of cycling of the co-driver. With the steering on the front-side, the freewheel hub has two positions:

  • This is a function with a continuous movement of the pedal and the co-driver must pedal along.
  • The pedals of the co-driver move independently of the pedals of the main driver. The pedals run freely and the co-driver cannot cycle.

ICE Adventure Recumbent Tricycle

Enjoy the relaxed pace of recumbent riding on the beautifully designed ICE Adventure. With its high and accessible seating position, rugged looks, and ride capabilities, the Adventure is primed to cruise the open road, discover hidden trails, and explore new horizons.

Key features

  • Higher seat position for better view and access, adjustable in 4 positions
  • Higher frame for road and obstacle clearance.
  • Chromoly and aluminium frame for strength, power transfer and vibration absorption
  • Folding mechanism for ease of transport
  • Wide handlebars for roomier cockpit and easier steering
  • Available with 3 seating options
  • Wide range of accessories available
  • Optional e-assist available

Tomcat Fizz Special Needs Trike

The Tomcat Fizz Trike is designed to meet the needs of both children and adults with mild to severe disabilities, whether physical, visual or learning difficulties. Every Trike is customised to meet each individual needs. With an attractive stylish and sporty design the Tomcat Fizz was developed for outdoor fun and effortless use. Completely safe and stable, yet very lightweight and easy to assemble. 

Key features

  • Improved stability with extra-long wheel base
  • Can convert to a trailer trike easily
  • Featuring an optional “latch on” bar
  • Single and multi-speed
  • Quick-Release system
  • Three control types
  • CE Marked in accordance with MDR 2017/745
  • MHRA and EUDAMED Registered Medical device 

Van Raam Velo Plus Wheelchair Transport Bike

The VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike is designed for transporting people, who can remain seated in their own wheelchair, by cycle. The passenger is not required to be transferred between the wheelchair and the cycle.  VeloPlus lets the co-rider to be wheeled on to the plateau of the cycle easily without having to be lifted.

Physiotherapy Equipment

Thera Trainer Active Passive Exercise Bike

THERA-Trainers from the Cycling series serve the same purpose for people with specific needs as bicycle ergometers do for healthy people. You can perform motor-operated (passive), motor-assisted or active movement training (using your own muscle power) with just one device from the comfort of your chair, armchair or wheelchair.

Walking & Running

Topro Olympos All Terrain Rollator

The TOPRO Olympos ATR is a premium rollator specially designed for outdoor use. Its wide design ensures stability and maximum support in an outdoor environment. Combined with large front wheels and shock-absorbing off-road tyres the Olympos ATR provides reliable and comfortable support as the perfect choice for outdoor activities.

Key features

  • Wider design to ensure stability in an outdoor environment
  • Large and shock-absorbing tyres to enable a comfortable ride 
  • Easy to ride and manoeuvre due toball bearings in forks and wheels
  • Freestanding when folded
  • Lightweight design; both sizes weigh under 9kg

Flexyfoot Walking Stick

Flexyfoot Shock Absorbing Walking Stick combines design and function for comfort, security and style. Practical and hard wearing for reliable support. Equipped with the revolutionary Flexyfoot Ferrule that absorbs shocks minimising discomfort in the upper body. 50% more grip than a traditional ferrule and remains contact with the ground at all times ensuring maximum traction over any terrain.

Key features

  • Choice of handle type: Oval, Cork or Derby
  • Choice of colour
  • Max user weight 130kg (20.5st)

Josi-Wismi Rehab Buggy

JOSI-Wismi rehab buggy is a multi-sport stroller for your favourite outdoor activities including cycling, jogging, skiing, hiking etc. Designed for children and young adults with mild - complex special needs. A wide range of equipment is available including: running wheel, postural supports & much more! Now you can enjoy outdoor activities with the whole family! The standard integrated seating system will be suitable for many users and can be customised by addition of options like headrest, pommel and thoracic supports that can be used to achieve a closer supportive fit. 

Key features

  • Multi-purpose stroller: buggy, jogger, bike trailer (optional)
  • Unique folding system
  • Takes you anywhere including snow.
  • 5-point belt 
  • Suspension
  • Integrated Adjustable seat system & positioning aids (optional)

Active Wheelchairs and Wheelchair Exercise Equipment

RGK Club Sport Wheelchair

The RGK Club Sport is an entry level sports wheelchair that’s configurable and economical.  Feeling inspired to take up a wheelchair sport but don’t want to make a major commitment just yet? Club Sport is the chair for you! An entry level sports chair that is economical and ready to go when you are.

Key features

  • Height, angle and length adjustable footrest
  • 72mm sport castor wheels with extruded castor forks
  • 5cm medium density foam cushion (hard plastazote on tall seat option 4)
  • Cross laced wire spoke wheels complete with aluminium hard anodised hand rim & Kenda tyre
  • Adjustable seat and backrest upholstery (black)
  • Adjustable height backrest 250-300mm (25mm increments)

Top End Pro Pickleball Wheelchair

The Top End Pro Pickleball Wheelchair has an adjustable frame and that is made for durability and performance. This provides a variety of solutions to athletes needs whether it’s seat heights, center of gravity, or other adjustments. The frame is made of 7000 series aluminum which gives the chair a durable and lightweight foundation. There are also many options like click straps, handle extensions for improved grip, and side guards to increase the chairs function. It’s responsive, accessible, and performs on the court!

Invictus Active Trainer Wheelchair Treadmill

Designed specifically for wheelchair users, the Invictus Active Trainer is the ideal solution to improve your fitness, balance and technique. Suitable for everyone – from weight loss, building muscle strength through to improving balance and technique – also used by athletes for high intensity sport workouts and as a key training aid to increase speed around basketball court, across a tennis court or around a race track.

Key features

  • Improve your fitness, balance and pushing technique.
  • Simulates 'road-like' pushing when maintaining a constant speed.
  • Lose weight – burn 350 kcal with a 30 minute workout*
  • Easy to set-up – can use used anywhere inside or outside.
  • Work each arm individually – four independent rollers.
  • Ready to go – easy to wheel on and off and start exercising.
  • Portable and lightweight – separates easily for transport and storage.
  • Record your speed, distance and heart rate – Smart model.
  • Weight limit 20 stone including wheelchair
  • Suitable for anyone and any wheelchair
  • Now comes with 2kg roller weights as standard.  Additional weights available as accessories

Fusion Wheel Portable Wheelchair Gym

The Fusion Wheel is the only portable gym designed by wheelchair users for wheelchair users. It comes with a comprehensive training guide which includes over 100 individual exercises to target all superiors muscle groups including biceps, triceps, back and shoulders. The Fusion Wheel attaches quickly and easily to a wheelchair using the supplied 'Fusion T' fittings or Loops, allowing the user to set up the equipment without the need for assistance. The Fusion wheel removes the need for large expensive pieces of fitness equipment which can clutter up the home, it is affordable, portable and compact. 

Key features 

  • Easy To Install
  • Improve Range of Motion
  • Over 100 Individual exercises
  • Best exercise equipment for rehabilitation 
  • Upper Body Effective workouts
  • Strengthens the body during recovery
  • Includes a comprehensive training guide
  • Non-slip door strap
  • Handles are made of Silica gel for a comfortable and secure grip
  • Burn calories and build strength


Whatever your level of ability, our product specialist can offer FREE advice and assessments on our wide range of sports, rehab, physio and cycling products.

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