"Dads SafeSpace bed is working better that I ever imagined. Dad (96) loves it. Better again, it not only keeps him safe, but he is sleeping better and for longer. His nightmares have disappeared and we’ve even reduced his meds" - Teena Gates

We are thrilled to hear feedback like this from our customers. We supplied the amazing Safespace Hi Lo to Teena's dad in October 2021. Teena cares for her father who has dementia and was previoulsy at risk of falling out of bed, getting distressed from nightmares and overall not getting a good nights sleep. Thanks to Safespace both Dad & Teena can sleep better and he is safe and comfortable in his own space without feeling isolated. 

Teena said "I’m absolutely astonished by the difference our new SafeSpace bed has made for minding Dad. He loves bedtime now, and has none of the terrible nightmares that his dementia brought. There’s no more thrashing about, or falling out of bed. Even his sleep apnea has improved. It’s something I searched for, researched, and thought long and hard about. I was desperately looking for something to help keep Dad safe at night.

This bed was purpose built for Dad, with the designers going over every detail of his condition before finalizing the end product. It’s not intended to replace monitoring and surveillance and doesn’t claim to.  In our case, Dad is a permanent falls risk who is capable of getting out of bed unaided and then losing balance, before I can respond to his motion alarms. This SafeSpace bed keeps him safe at night. The alarms and cameras that I used with his normal HiLo bed will remain in place, and I’ll always physically check on Dad throughout the night. But this gives me a chance to get to him if he’s awake. Before he gets himself into trouble. That’s really important to note - the bed is about allowing me to be with Dad when he needs me, not about isolating him. It’s about protecting him. If he calls out, I will hear him on the monitor, and I will be with him in minutes.

It’s big and spacious inside, the panels are clear, he can see his room and his nightlight, and he can surround himself with his favourite blanket and ball without them falling onto the floor. If dad gets upset, the sides to the bed drop in less than 3 seconds, and obviously if he didn’t like the sides, I would have left them down. But it hasn’t been an issue for him. It may not be the solution for everyone. But dad seems contented and reassured in his little nest and I’m thrilled with it, and for him."

Safespace beds for all ages & conditions

Safespaces are designed for both children & adults living with conditions and who may be unsafe in an ordinary room or bed. Typically we supply products for people with special, sometimes very complex needs including autism, epilepsy and behaviours that challenge. We work closely with parents, carers, occupational therapists and other professionals, as well as architects and design engineers to develop our products to ensure they are right for the person using them. Our dedicated team will support you through every stage of the process, from initial enquiry to design, supply, installation and aftercare of your equipment. 

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