CareFlex, are leading manufacturers of specialist seating designed to make a difference in people’s lives. Their ethos that their "chairs are more than just chairs; they are tools that can significantly improve the quality of life for people with complex seating needs." means that they take the utmost care, professionalism and compassion in creating their products and proudly stand by a lifetime guarantee. 

Dan, our seating specialist, recently assessed and delivered a fleet of new Careflex chairs to users across Ireland. Each Careflex chair ordered with exacting measurements and specification to ensure the user is safe, supported and comfortable. As each chair is made to order, it can be adjusted with options such as additional leg support, choice of back rest, colour and much more.

Dan's first port of call was a care facility who received 2 new Careflex MultiAdjust chairs. 

Another day, another happy client; this client chose to had an inbuilt pillow on their legrest for enhanced comfort and support.

Careflex MultiAdjust Chair

The new MultiAdjust from Careflex is a cost effective, highly adjustable seating system that provides postural support and pressure care without compromising the users comfort. The chair features Tilt-in-Space, Back Angle Recline and lower limb support. An ideal choice for multiple user environments, and for those who are semi-ambulant and non-ambulant. Its modular design makes it a perfect fit for Community Loan Stores. It is suitable for a wide range of seating needs in most Care Environments.  

MultiAdjust key features include

  • Tilt-in-Space function
  • Back Angle Recline
  • Elevating Legrest
  • Height Adjustable, Flip Up & Angle Adjustable Footplate
  • Integral Seat Depth Adjustment
  • Integral Seat Width Adjustment
  • Integral Arm Rest Height Adjustment
  • Removable Arm Rests
  • Pressure Redistributing Reflexion Foam Seat Cushion
  • Foam Back
  • 4 Braked Castors

Dan also delivered a new SmartSeat Pro II chair to a client. 

Careflex SmartSeat Pro II Chair

The Careflex SmartSeatPro II Chair is a new and upgraded, highly adjustable specialist seating system for individuals with complex postural management and pressure care needs. The SmartSeatPro II’s unique system allows for the set-up of a range of configurations to ensure postural asymmetries can be fully stabilised, accommodated and, where possible, corrected from the feet to the sacrum through to the cervical spine and the head. 


SmartSeat Pro Key features

  • Improved Head and Back System
  • Pro adjustment lever kit or a quick release lever kit upgrade option
  • Greater lateral movement and adjustment in back sections
  • Soft and adjustable fill padding for backrest to enhance comfort and provide support where needed
  • Tilt-in-Space and Back Angle Recline Indicators
  • Inclinometer – Tilt-in-Space angle indicator
  • Back angle indicator for degree of recline
  • Adjustable Laterals
  • Channelled Leg Rest
  • Angle Adjustable Footplate 

We offer free, no obligation assessments and demonstrations across Northern Ireland and Ireland. Our product specialist can also work with occupational therapists or other healthcare professionals at hospitals, trusts, care homes and schools. To find out more, please get in touch.


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