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The Quickie Salsa Mini 2 has just arrived in our showroom! This is the narrowest performance mid wheel drive Powerchair in the world and offers great outdoor performance and indoor manoeuvrability.

It is ideal for users whose home has not been fully adapted for an electric wheelchair or powerchair.

It is narrow with the kids seat option having a range of between 30cm and 40cm. The adult seat range is between 41cm and 51cm.

There is also a teen option with a range of seat width of between 30cm and 40cm but options of longer seat depths.

The lift function is smooth and you can drive this wheelchair with the seat elevated. Here our Engineer and Product Specialist Danny Anderson demonstrates this;

This is a great looking electric wheelchair and the main benefits are;

  • Ideal for smaller houses with tight doorways and condensed layouts
  • Weighs from just 100kg so can be used through floor lifts or in a hoist
  • Easier to get in and out of vehicles
  • Great outdoor performance
  • Powered Tilt is good for comfort and pressure relief
  • Powered lift gets you up to eye level and used to get into bed
  • Powered recline is good for relaxing

There is an adult seat, a teen seat and a child seat and the Quickie Salsa Mini 2 can be adapted over time as your needs change.

This ensures great value and of course it has all of the build quality you would expect from Quickie and Sunrise Medical.

The armrests flip up and the side panels unclip easily so side access if very convenient. This can also be used to get in to bed - just raise the wheelchair up to the height of your bed.

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Technical data:

Max user weight:   22 stone / 140kg

Castors: 18cm solid

Drive wheels:  32cm

Seat widths:

Adult:  41cm - 51cm

Teen: 30cm - 40cm

Child:  30cm - 40cm

Min turning circle: 110cm with centre mount

Max speed: 2mph and 4pmph

Max range:  14 miles

Battery box to ground clearance:  6.5cm

Battery size: 36Ah

Seat depths:

Adult:  41cm to 51cm

Teens: 41cm to 51cm

Child:  30cm to 40cm

Max dynamic stability: 8 degrees

Max kerb climbing: 7cm

Colours: Choice of four colours - Red, blue, white and matt black

Transport ( ISO 7176-19): 4 point tie-down and Dahl docking system

Chair weight: 97kg to 128kg depending on options

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