Beach wheelchairs, Ireland available from the experts at John Preston Healthcare.

We understand the importance for accessibility for all at our beautiful beaches in Ireland and we offer a range of products to help make accessibility possible including;

Check out our excellent range from Novaf, Mobi, De-Bug and Neatech who specialise in beach accessibility equipment.

All our beach products are designed with the  user and carer in mind - making it easy and as comfortable as possible for the user while being lightweight / portable and easy to manuever for the carer.

Now everyone can get full access to explore the gorgeous beaches and coastlines all over Ireland - no matter their condition.

You can see some of the featured products below or shop the full range of beach wheelchairs here.

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De-Bug beach wheelchair with Tilt & Recline features

de-bug-beach-wheelchair de-bug-recline-beach-wheelchair tilt-in-space-beach-wheelchair

The De-Bug beach wheelchair provides a comfortable ride. Your body is properly supported in this chair.

De-Bug turns easily and quickly while users sit at a comfortable tilt  angle which may be adjusted.

Our De-Bug chairs may be scaled to fit any sized individual andmost every type of seating requirement may be accommodated.

A range of optional extras are available:

    • Tilt-in-space
    • Reclining feature
    • Elevating legrests 
    • ...and a range of accessories.

Novaf Oceanic Adult Floating Beach Wheelchair


Novaf Oceanic Adult Beach Wheelchair allows wheelchair users full accessibility to enjoy the beaches of Ireland's coastline..

Designed with the user and carer in mind. This beach wheelchair is known for its innovative design.

Equipped with swing away armrests that allow for safe and easy transfer requiring little assistance.

Includes a traction / steering bar with an ergonomic design that makes it easy for the user or the carer to steer.

We also have an Children's model available designed for children from 2'8" to 5'3" in height.

See the Novaf Oceanic Beach Wheelchair in Action




Novaf Oceanic Children's Beach Wheelchair




This unique beach wheelchair designed specifcally for children with reduced mobility.

The oceanic beach wheelchair gives the child full accessibility to the beach and sea so they can enjoy and make the most of those days out with family and friends.

Thanks to the innovative and ergonomic design the child can enjoy the beach safely and comfortably.

Seat-height and foldable armrests ensures easy side transfer from wheelchair.

Compact and lightweight design makes it ideal for transportation and storage.

Novaf Snorkel Enable Beach Wheelchair



This is the worlds first wheelchair designed for those with reduced mobility who want to snorkel!

It can be used at the seaside, lake or river - anywhere where is is permitted and has life gaurds available...

The Snorkel Enable beach wheelchair has four floats which helps provide stability and keep you level.

The user lies down on the platform and it has four pneumatic wheels - the front two have metal rings that allow the user to propel the wheelchair while lying on their front.

A handle at the back also allows another user to control the movement of this beach wheelchair.

Mobi-Chair® Floating Beach Wheelchair


This high quality rolling beach wheelchair can be used for travel on boardwalk, the beach and the water. 

Known for it's convenience, portability and comfort, the Mobi-Chair® provdes entertainment along with comfort to the user.

Key Features

  • Maneuverability - provides easy mobility through sand, water and rough surfaces. It's rubber pneumatic tires absorb the shock and discomfort of rough ground.
  • Convenient Transport - Quickly assembled and disassembled by opertating quick release pins. Can be easily fitted into any vehicle.
  • Confortable and Aesthetics - Attractive fabric is non-allergenic, UV resistant, water resistant and ventilated for quick drying. Users are able to recline into a comfortable position.
  • Floatability - Armrests and wheels are comprised of floatation materials that enable balance while in the water. The handles on the armrests provide added great stability and safety.
  • Adjustable backrest - 3 positions
  • Detachable armrest
  • Folding frame aluminum frame & stainless fork and hardware, salt water resistant

Novaf Oceanic Enjoy beach wheelchair


The Oceanic Enjoy Beach Wheelchair is designed for the beach but can also be used in the country side, in other sandy areas, on cobblestones, paving or other irregular terrain.

You can explore the beach and enjoy and feel the sea breeze!

Novaf Oceanic Sun folding beach wheelchair


The Oceanic sun folding beach wheelchair is a very portable and useful chair to take with you in the car on those trips to the beach.

This is the only folding beach wheelchair available and sits 19" above the ground - giving great clearance.

The two rear wheels make it really easy to move, with or without the user sitting in it.

There are two positions for the back rest so you can choose what is most comfortable.

Novaf Oceanic wheelchair accessible deck chair


This beach deck chair / sun lounger has been specifically designed so you can transfer from a wheelchair easily.

Ideal for use on the beach it will make enjoyment of the seaside easier for a wheelchair user.

Beach Access Mat | MOBI-MAT®

beach access mats

Mobi-Mat® RecPath Beach Access Mat was designed for safe access for all on the beach!

A must-have addition to all blue flag beaches throughout Ireland.

It is suitable for wheelchairs, mobility scooters, prams, bikes and much more..

Beach accessibility is extremely important and with Mobi-mat® Recpath everyone can enjoy those trips to the beach no matter their condition.

Makes a great pathway for hotel beach access, dune crossing or any event on the beach, grass, gravel or even snow!

Mobi-Mat® Roll'N Stow


Designed to transport, deploy and recover the Mobi-Mat in a few minutes, up to 50m long, with or without vehicle.

Can be used with any vehicle or by hand - It is quickly and eaily deployed and easily transported taking up little space.

Key Features

  • Quick and easy deployment - can be used manually, or with any vehicle (in only 30seconds) equipped with towing coupling. The mat can be deployed either when driving forward or backwards.
  • Easy transport and storage Weighing 45 kg , the mobi mat is very easy to transport and occupies minimum storage space when dissmantled.
  • Robust system - made of corrosion resistant materials, particularly adapted to seafront climate.

Novaf Anador Beach Walker


Novaf Anador Beach Walker is an excellent height adjustable walker that can be used on uneven terrains including sand, grass and cobblestones.

Get around the beach comfortably and easily - the legs have large ferrules made of rubber, which means the walker won´t get stuck in the sand or slip in wet surfaces.

Comes with a comfortable seat you can enjoy the sea views at the beach.

Made from aluminium and non corrosive materials the walker is extremely durable

Easy to fold and lightweight - perfect for transportation and storage.

We also stock the Novaf City and Country Walkers.

Novaf Amphibious Crutches


Novaf Amphibious Crutches are designed for use at the beach.

The crutches float in water allowing the user to enjoy bathing.

Designed with a wider base coimpared to standard crutches they will not get stuck in the sand allowing you to walk safely into and out of the sea.

Price includes 4 pairs of crutches in 4 different fixed sizes and a crutch holder that can also float.



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