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It is amazing to see Lauren delighted with her new Jive Up standing electric wheelchair she got from our Product Specialist.

The Jive Up is an amazing standing electric wheelchair from the highly regarded manufacturers, Sunrise Medical.

Jive Up effortlessly blends indoor agility with excellent outdoor performance.

With a simple touch of a button, be eye-to-eye with the world around you and enjoy all of the benefits of a standing wheelchair – combined with the freedom and independence that only the Jive Up can provide.

The Jive Up comes with amazing standard features that will prove beneficial to Laurens lifestyle. We wish her all the best with her new Jive Up electric wheelchair.

If you would like to arrange an assessment for any of our electric wheelchairs / powerchairs we highly recommend a visit to our showroom in Edinburgh to speak with our Product Specialist.

We will carry out an in-depth assessment to make sure the chair is right for you to suit your exact specifications. Call us today on 0131  440 3929 and our expert team will be delighted to help.

Find out full product features and spec below or shop our full range of electric wheelchairs on our online store.

Lauren Innes happy with her new Jive Up electric standing wheelchair





Jive Up Standing Electric Wheelchair

Jive Up Belfast Northern Ireland from John Preston Healthcare Group Tel 028 92 67 70 77

With an ultra-small turning circle, excellent indoor and outdoor handling and superb suspension through SpiderTrac®, the Jive Up provides superior ride comfort over any terrain, ideal for those who want a great all-round powerchair.

rough ground

The Jive Up allows you to stand whenever you want and offers many benefits for your health and lifestyle.

• Improved pressure relief for those who may have limited ability to independently weight shift or have to sit for long periods.

• Enhanced function and ability to reach and access your environment.

• Improved range of motion and a reduction of the risk of contractures.

• Supporting vital organ capacity including pulmonary, bowel and bladder function and improves circulation.

• Promoting bone health and reducing the occurence of skeletal deformities by encoring standing.

• Reducing abnormal muscle tone and spasticity

Choose your seat position:

The Jive Up provides 5 memory positions that are easily accessible through the joystick or the 5 button switch box.

Also, these positions can be altered at the touch of a button so if anything changes you have the peace of mind that your Jive Up will change with you!

Possible seat positions:

– RELAX POSITION Using this function the seat moves into a recline, tilt and legs up position

– STAND-UP This Memory position brings the user into stand up. At a certain forward tilt angle the front castor arm locking mechanism moves in.

–  SITTING This is the memory position in which the user is going to drive the chair. It is also the “standard” position all actuators drive into when the joystick is pulled backwards while in“seating/memory position” mode.

–  LIE-DOWN This function brings the user into a horizontal lie down position

You can further customise your Jive by expanding the control system with R-net. Personalise your chair by assigning commonly used commands and settings to a single button.

For conversations on the move, keep tweets and status updates flowing by using the Jive’s Bluetooth option to control your smartphone or tablet.

Or control your environment with Jive’s Omni controller.

Getting ready to watch a film?

Dim the lights, select play and turn up the volume – all without your hand leaving the joystick.

If a joystick’s not suitable you can even customise the way you control your Jive with a variety of speciality controls. If a user needs to be transferred into or out of the seat, this function provides a forward tilt angle for easy transfers.

Technical data: 

Max. user weight: 120 kg

Battery size: 60Ah and 70Ah

Caster wheel options: 14” drive wheels; 6” castor

Max. dynamic stability: 10° (18%)

Seat width: 40 – 50 cm

Overall width: 63 cm

Seat depth: 40 – 52 cm

Turning radius: Max. 91 cm

Seat angle: 0° – 22°

Max. range (ISO 7176-4): 32 km (40 km with 70Ah battery)

Backrest angle: 90° – 175°

Max. kerb climbing: 10 cm

Seat memory functions: Sitting, Stand-up, Lie-down, Relax, Transfer Colour choices:

3 colours – red, blue & white

Max. speed: 6 kph (4 mph), 10 kph (6 mph), 13 kph (8 mph)

Transport (ISO 7176-19): 4 Point tie-down system
The Jive Up is transit tested in accordance with ISO 7176-19 and approved for transportation in a vehicle. The tests are conducted with a four-point tie-down system.

There are a number of optional extras available with the Jive Up – you can discuss these with our expert staff on 028 92 67 70 77 and we will be delighted to help.

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