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An effective aid in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers

Repose® comprises a range of pressure area care devices which have been used in the successful treatment of more than 1 million patients. More people are currently treated on Repose than any other pressure redistribution mattress in the UK.

Since its inception, Repose has continually evolved. New Repose continues this tradition with further improvements and extensions to the range, to aid simplicity, improve efficacy and durability. Repose comprises a single cell of specialised TPU film which has a number of key properties which combine to provide the most popular pressure redistribution mattress in the UK.

A positioning support for use wherever pressure relief is required.

Foot Protectors are a unique product designed specifically to minimise the risk of pressure damage to heels. A significant proportion of pressure ulcers occur on the heels due to a combination of pressure and friction/shear. Whilst support surfaces assist in reducing pressure, only a specific device such as the Repose Foot Protector can ensure that pressure on the foot is relieved totally. Clinical studies have shown the heel Protectors to be effective in a wide variety of settings.

Indicated to minimise risk of pressure damage to heels

    • Studies found… “a significant improvement in skin condition and comfort (p<0.0001)” (5)
    • And also… “A reduction in incidence of heel pressure ulceration from 17% to 0%” (6)
    • May be used in bed or with feet elevated, easily secured with stocking or light bandage
    • Can be used with other dynamic or static support surfaces
    • Reduces impact of pressure, friction and shear


    • Contents: 2 x Repose Foot Protectors small and 1 x small pump
    • Inflated dimensions: L 380mm x W 200mm x H 180mm
    • Order code: 6501100
    • Max patient weight 139kg
    • Inflation, deflation and repacking instructions: Please see download tab for instructions.
    • Cleaning instructions: Please see download tab for cleaning guidance.
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