Whill C Wheelchair Review - Happy Customer Stephen O'Neill

The Whill C Wheelchair redefines accessibility and looks tremendous. The Whill C can turn on the spot thanks to the unique omni-wheel and offers the tightest turning circle on the market giving you complete 360 degrees control.

Stephen sent us pictures of his first trip out on his Whill C Wheelchair.

"You can see I’m gingerly approaching the ramp and how I’m much happier once I’m on the level. I’ve only used it a few times in shops so far but it’s been brilliant. Almost like the old days." - Stephen O'Neill (Whill C Customer)


Whill C is the perfect powerchair for your every move - from indoor activities to outdoor adventures!

Key Features

  • The unique omni-wheel means you can turn on the spot
  • Bluetooth technology allows for remote operation
  • Intuitive controls make it easy to use and operate
  • It is ultra portable and splits easily into 3 pieces for the car boot etc
  • The stylish and modern design is contemporary and attractive
  • It is fully adjustable and is designed to fit your lifestyle
  • Maximum speed of 4mph
  • Maximum user weight of 18 stone
  • Range: Up to 10 miles
  • Total weight of Whill C: 52kg (Can be easily dismantled into 3 pieces for easy lifting)

The design and build quality is of the highest standard so the Whill C is tough. You can navigate kerbs easily and also use this on gravel, grass and uneven surfaces with confidence.

The controls are ergonomically designed so are very comfortable and the electro-magnetic brakes puts you firmly in command. There are four speed setting so the Whill C is agile and responsive.

The Whill C features iPhone app and bluetooth technology so you can drive it remotely - bring it over to you when you need it and lock it via the app when not in use. You can even store and charge your phone on board.

The Whill C wheelchair is designed to compliment your lifestyle and it disassembles in just 10 seconds into three pieces that easily fits into the car boot.

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Whill C unique omni-wheel system

This innovation allows you to turn on the spot with a very tight 30"/76cm turning circle. It is an alternative to traditional castors and offers you great agility.

Bluetooth technology

The Whill C features an iPhone app and bluetooth technology meaning you can operate it remotely! Drive your Whill C over to you when ready to use and check your battery life etc via the app while also locking the Whill C when not in use.


The Whill C is available with both a 16" wide seat and an 18" wide seat. The seat height and controller position are easily adjusted to find the best fit for you and creates a very comfortable driving position.

Ground clearance

There is a 2" ground clearance allowing you to effortlessly climb over obstacles up to 2" thanks to the powerful motors and large front omni-wheel. You can travel unhindered over rough terrain with a 2.25" ground clearance


The controls have been ergonomically designed so are very comfortable and easy to use.

Battery info

The Whill C has a lightweight, long life battery giving you a 10 mile range and only five hours charge time.

Safety features

  • The anti-sway feature helps keep the Whill C driving in a straight line on side slopes
  • Electromagentic brakes provide safe and smooth stopping - even on inclines
  • The footplate folds up and the armrests easily rotate out of the way for easy access and barrier free use at tables etc
  • Voice notifications alert you when the Whill C encounters operational errors.


The Whill C disassembles in just 10 seconds into three pieces meaning it is easily lifted and placed into the car boot etc.


There are six colours available and you can discuss your preferred colour with our Product Specialists during your free home demonstration. 

  • White 
  • Black
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Blue
  • Red

Accessories available

The Whill C has a great selection of optional accessories available including:

  • Underseat bag
  • Lap belt
  • Smart key
  • Side storage bag
  • Tablet / Ipad holder
  • Walking stick holder

Design awards

The Whill has been awarded multiple design awards including:

  • The Red Dot Design Award 2018 awarded by Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen, Germany
  • iF Design Award
  • CES 2018 Innovation Award
  • International Design Excellence Award
  • Japan Good Design Award

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