Vehicle First Aid Kits are covered by British Standard BS8599-2 and if you carry passengers commercially in your vehicle you are required to carry a suitable First Aid Kit.

Three sizes of Motorist First Aid kits have been professionally designed to meet the needs of drivers and their passengers.


Identify passenger numbers and vehicle type:

1-3 passengers
( e.g mopeds, motorcycles, motor tricycles, quadricycles etc )


1-8 passengers
( e.g. cars, taxis, commercial vehicles e.g minibuses, small buses etc )


1-16 passengers


17+ passengers ( e.g. buses, coaches etc require 2 x large kits as above ).

2. Decide on the size and quantity of kits required to suit your vehicles:

Small kit usage guidelines = 1-3 passengers

Medium kit usage guidelines = 1-8 passengers

Large kit usage guidelines = 1-16 passengers

17+ passengers will require 2 x large kits. However multi-level vehicles might require more than two kits.

We offer Vehicle First Aid kits to suit all requirements and if you have any questions you can speak to a dedicated Product Specialist by phone on 028 92 67 70 77.

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