We supply the Tumble Forms 2 Deluxe Vestibulator II system in Northern Ireland and have dedicated Product Specialists on hand to provide advice and assistance to carers, parents and local authorities.

Tumble Forms 2 in UK and Ireland supplied by John Preston Healthcare Group Tel 028 92 67 70 77

This terrific system offers all of the benefits of a ceiling suspension system at a fraction of the cost.

When used with a range of accessories this system provides therapy modules for vestibular, neurodevelopmental and sensory integration therapy.

Functions include vertical stimulation and direct flexion, linear acceleration, rotational experiences and a full range of motion exercises.

The height can be easily adjusted and the system can be fixed in a stable position or set for swinging.

The footprint of the system is 9'11"W x 6'5"D and the overall height is 7'0". The total weight of the set is 91kg.

This system includes;

  • - Frame
  • - Net swing with positioning seat
  • - Flexidisk
  • - Prone net swing
  • - Mat
  • - Platform swing
  • - Roll swing
  • - Rope with ascenders

The accessories available  include;

  • - Frame with rope and ascenders ( height 2320mm )
  • - Platform swing - 380 x 760 mm
  • - Flexidisk with diameter of 514mm
  • - Roll swing with diameter of   360mm
  • - Prone net swing
  • - Net swing with positioning seat
  • - Mat 1520 x 2130 mm
  • - Rope with ascender
  • - Horse roll with diameter of 914 mm
  • - Free swing
  • - Platform swing with length of 1524 mm

Remember that we are the leading supplier of Paediatric and Sensory equipment in Northern Ireland with dedicated Product Specialists on hand to guide and advise you.

We have been in business for almost 170 years so we know how to look after customers and look forward to helping you choose the right solution for your unique needs.