Treatment tables, Northern Ireland available from the experts at John Preston Healthcare.

We supply the range of luxury treatment tables and chairs from the highly regarded manufacturer, Affinity.

The range includes:

  • Lightweight, portable massage tables / beauty couch
  • Luxury therapy tables
  • Portable sports massage tables / massage chairs
  • Portable therapy stools
  • Saddle stools
  • & a range of accessories for teatment tables

Affinity is a well recognised market leading brand in the UK for sports and medical treatment tables. Their plinths and equipment are widely used in sports clubs, health centres and hospices.

The therapy tables and chairs are designed with the end user in mind to ensure maximum comfort for your client.

Affinity therapy tables are crafted to the highest British standards, covered by CE approved and come with a 2 year warranty. You get peace of mind knowing you are dealing with a reputable company.

We have been a family business since 1846, ISO9001 certified and a member of the British Healthcare Traders Association.

Check out the Affinity treatment tables and chairs below or you can shop on our online store here.

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Luxury treatment tables

Affinity portable flexible massage table with carry case

treatment-tables-northern-ireland therapy-couch-northern-irelandtreatment-tables-northern-ireland

Affinity Portable Flexible therapy table is quick to set up, stable and strong and comes with fully adjustable backrest.

Its 75-degree lifting head section, sturdy construction and breathe hole (with plug), has quickly established this bed as the UK market leader.

The Reiki End panels, fitted as standard, allow excellent access at either end and our superior comfort ‘therafoam’ cushioning system gives support and comfort even during long treatments.  The Portable Flexible comes with a free wheeled bag perfect for mobile therapists.

Comes in a range of colours: White, Biscuit, Grey.


Weight 16.8 kg
Height Adjustment 26″-32″ (66-81cm)
Dimensions Length: 73″ (185cm), Width: 27″ (68cm)
Materials Hardwood, 2″ Therafoam padding, PVC vinyl
Working Weight 450lbs (205kgs) impact
Warranty 2 years
Face Cradle/Towel Holder Ports Both ends
Wheeled Carry Case Included

Affinity Marlin Portable Massage Table with carry case

sports-massage-table-northern-ireland sports-massage-table-northern-irelandsports-massage-table-northern-ireland

The Affinity Marlin is a truly portable table at just 15kgs. With its rapid set up and easy, one-touch height control, the Affinity Marlin has been designed to be used and taken to the next appointment with the minimum of strain and difficulty for the therapist.  A slimline but strong table featuring 4 leg cable system making it ideal for sports massage, mobile beauty treatments and accommodating large clients without fuss.

Upholstered with tough, water and oil resistant PVC and filled with a sports grade foam, this couch has also been through the rigorous UK FIRA fire testing so you can buy with confidence.

Should you need extra length or simply prefer to use the face cradle frame, the Marlin can be quickly and easily upgraded by adding the Affinity Power Therapist Upgrade Pack (face cradle & arm rest).

The Marlin has quickly established itself as a firm favourite for sports therapists and mobile massage and beauty therapists alike

Key features

    • 10-position lifting backrest
    • Ergonomic breathe hole
    • Face cradle and arm rest
    • Push button height control
    • Face cradle/towel holder port holes
    • Reiki end panels
    • Therafoam padding
    • Carry case

Affinity Athlete Sports Massage Table with Carry Case

sports-massage-table sports-massage-table sports-massage-tablesports-massage-table

The Affinity Athlete is designed to withstand vigorous treatments such as Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and Osteopathy, whilst offering superior comfort and improved access. The lifting backrest is perfect for seated treatments, consultations and strapping.

The hour-glass shape of the table helps distribute the patients weight evenly when stretching and leaning and the Reiki End Panels enables the therapist to sit close to the table when carrying out seated treatments. The table is very lightweight, allowing it to be moved with minimal effort and strain to the theripist.

The Affinity Athlete is ideal for long term use featuring a breathe hole, bung and the arm sling with carry case, arm rest and face cradle included.

  • 10 Position Lifting Backrest
  • Blue Vinyl cover
  • Arm Sling
  • CE Marked
  • Face Cradle and Armrest
  • Push Button Height Control
  • Port Holes for Face Cradle / Towel Holder
  • Reiki End panels
  • Sculpted Centre Section for ultimate access
  • Therafoam

Affinity Versalite Lightweight Luxury Massage Couch with carry case

therapy-table-carry-case therapy-table-carry-case

The Affinity Versalite is currently the lightest massage couch on the market in the UK at just 11.5kgs.

Equipped with a travel case it is ideal for those looking a luxurious couch they can take on the go!

The Affinity range is known for its ultimate comfort and luxurious features ensuring your client has the best experience.

Key features

  • High comfort, Affinity Therafoam padding
  • Luxurious touch, tear and stain resistant PU upholstery
  • Rapid set up
  • Simple height adjustment with half moon, telescopic legs
  • Affinity ergonomic shaped breathe hole with plug included
  • Rounded corners for therapist protection
  • Reiki end panels
  • Soft carry handle
  • Quality carry case
  • Excellent stability (even on highest setting!)

Affinity Comfortflex Luxury Treatment Couch

 luxury-treatment-couch luxury-treatment-couch treatment-table-carry-case

Comfortflex is the luxury padded treatment couch from Affinity.

Versatile to be used for nearly every therapy treatment.

The luxurious padding, comfort and style give the impression and feel of a spa bed whilst retaining the flexibility and convenience of a portable.

To ensure the best experience for client and therapist alike, the Affinity Comfortflex has many features included as standard.

Key features

    • Ultimate comfort
    • Reiki end panels
    • Adjustable face cradle
    • Adjustable backrest
    • Rapid set up
    • Hanging arm rest
    • Luxurious finish
    • Height adjustment
    • Breathe hole with plug
    • Portable
    • Equipped with wheeled carry case
    • Therafoam padding

For the client:

    • Affinity Therafoam luxury padding
    • Soft touch PU upholstery
    • Appropriate couch width
    • Affinity shaped ergonomic breathe hole
    • For taller clients, the face cradle frame can elongate couch by 12″
    • Quality build ensuring no couch noise during treatment

For the therapist:

    •  height adjuster screws
    • Choice of breathe hole or face cradle frame
    • Quick and easy set up
    • Wheeled carry case
    • Reiki end panels
    • Rounded corners
    • Quality backrest mechanism
    • Rubberised
    • Peace of mind knowing that you are working with a product that has been tried and tested in the market for over 15 years.

Luxury massage chairs

Affinity puma portable massage chair

 puma-massage-chair affinity-puma-massage-chair affinity-puma-massage-chair

The Puma portable massage chair from Affinity offers ultimate comfort and adjustments for the client.

It is easy to set up, folds and comes with carry case ideal for mobile therapists.

Silent and sturdy, even under lateral movement.

Generous, sculpted cushions, removable sternum pad and user friendly adjustment make the Puma a firm favourite.

Key features

    • Extremely comfortable
    • Professional quality
    • Generous and easy adjustments to suit all individuals
    • Adjustable face cradle
    • Sternum pad
    • Set up in seconds
    • Equipped with free carry case (the frame also has D rings should you wish to transport it without the case)
    • Elastic strap
    • Luxury herafoam padding

Therapy stools / Operator stools

Affinity rolling stool

operators-stool therapist-stool

This gas lift stool is excellent value and extremely comfortable.

The Affinity Rolling Stool is available in biscuit, latte, navy and white.

Key features

    • Extremely comfortable
    • Quality foam
    • Smooth castors
    • Generous height adjustment
    • Smooth gas lift
    • Proven durability

Affinity saddle stool

 saddle-stool affinity-saddle-stool

Wider than most and incredibly comfortable, the Affinity Saddle Stool offers the therapist a much improved seated posture thereby minimising workplace injury.

Key features

    • Extremely comfortable, ergonomic position
    • Strong, theraform padding
    • Easy glide castors
    • Generous height adjustment
    • Smooth gas lift
    • Proven durability

Affinity operator stool with backrest

 operators-stool-with-backrest therapy-stool-backrest therapist-stool-backrest

Operators stool with backrest from Affinity, offering a very supportive back rest and easy to operate, gas height adjustment.  Excellent value and extremely comfortable.

Available in white, biscuit, black and latte.

Key features

    • Quality foam
    • Smooth castors
    • Generous height adjustment
    • Smooth gas lift
    • Proven durability