As we know, Tomcat trikes are custom made to the specification of the rider. This can vary from choice of seat, control options, handle bar design, leg & foot support and much more. This ensures the trike is the right size for the rider and that they are comfortable and supported while using. Tomcat's ethos is including the excluded,... [creating] safe cycling solutions for all.

With over 20 years experience, Tomcat has custom-built trikes for over ten thousand people whose previously unresolved difficulties have inspired more than 50 innovations along the way.  This has provided mobility, freedom, joy and normality to people with all manner of cycling challenges – both young and old.

Our product specialist Gary delivered an extra special Tomcat trike earlier this month, one that took customisation to another level. This bespoke model was designed by Gary and made to order by Tomcat, combining 2 of Tomcat's models to create a unique trike for exacting specification.


Handcyling is nothing new to Tomcat, but this model combines Tomcat's Handy Chassis with the Tomcat Rotor handcyle mechanism.