A wheelchair is supposed to be a trusted partner for the physically impaired. However, there are a lot of products in the market that are problematic and overly cumbersome due to their weight. This makes it even more difficult for people with disabilities to get to where they want to go which can leave them feeling restricted.

Enter ergonomically designed lightweight wheelchairs. This innovation makes life for wheelchair users all over the world a lot easier. In this review we are taking a look at the Escape Lite Wheelchair which is a lightweight and affordable option for those on the move.

The Escape Lite Wheelchair

It comes in a lightweight frame, which is easy to fold and store if you are using a car. The rear tyres and front castors are puncture proof and the whole design requires minor assembly. This means you can disassemble it in seconds for storage and transportation without use of any tools and you have a guarantee of comfort through the padded upholstery.

With width adjustment, you have the option of getting even more comfortable in case the current width does not suit you. The smooth rolling wheels also make this lightweight wheelchair easy to manoeuvre around with.

Your Safety Guaranteed

This wheelchair does not compromise on your safety; in fact it enhances it even more with its design. Some of the safety features include:

• Anti-tip device
• S-shape seating system for better weight description
• Breathable anti-bacterial cushion
• Attendant brakes
• Seat belt for use safety
• Locking brakes for both front and rear wheels


This product still has more to offer still in terms of convenience. It comes almost fully assembled with only the footpads needing to be added. The tyres are also puncture proof meaning you will never stall while using this wheelchair.

This lightweight wheelchair at only 11.5kg has a weight cap of 16 Stone and offers you a seat width of 18 inches. The design using a metallic sliver frame also makes it an impressive sight to look at unlike some of the more intimidating bulky wheelchairs in the market.

The ordeal of travelling with a bulky wheelchair is now gone thanks to lightweight wheelchairs. With so many models to suit your unique needs, there is no reason for anyone who relies on a wheelchair not to get around with ease. You can learn more about the benefits of lightweight wheelchairs in this article.

You can check out our range of lightweight wheelchairs in our online shop, with such an extensive range we are bound to have the perfect wheelchair to suit your needs.