Ireland West Airport recently held an event to mark their partnership with Hidden Disabilities, joining over 200 other airports who recognise the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower and provide additional support to wearers and their families.

We know that not all disabilities are visible and wearing the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower lanyard or badge allows airport staff to recognise passengers who might require more time or assistance with luggage, checking in, finding their gate etc.

It was also a day celebrating with Variety Ireland, the chosen partners of Hidden Disabilities in Ireland, who presented special needs trikes to Jade from Roscommon and Kyle from Mayo. The Recycle Mobility Programme provides funding to access reconditioned trikes to users who are unable to use conventional bicycles. As each trike is made to order, once the child outgrows that size, or if their needs change, that trike becomes obsolete. But Recycle Mobility makes upcycling adjustments to these trikes and pairs them with suitable users.

We are proud to be involved in such a positive initiative and our paediatric product specialist Gary was in attendance for the handovers.

To mark this very special day, Kyle was given clearance to take to the runway on his new trike - check him out!

Find out more about the Recycle Mobility Programe HERE or get in touch to book a FREE trike demonstration with Gary 

Gary Allen

Paediatric Product Specialist

028 9267 7077