Do you require full suspension for your wheelchair? Check out the New SoftWheel Suspension Wheels.

Innovative in-wheel suspension technology that provide a comfortable ride over obstacles like curbs / rough terrain giving you the freedom to go anywhere you want in your wheelchair.

Key features

  • Advanced FULL suspension technology that handles any obstacle / terrain.
  • Reduces vibrations and increases overall comfort.
  • Offers 360ยบ suspension that activates no matter the angle of impact.
  • Slimmer rim that reduces overall weight - only 1.8k
  • Quick axle release is compatible with most wheelchair.
  • Silent suspension mechanism
  • Offers you the freedom to go anywhere you want in your wheelchair.

How does SoftWheel Suspension work? 

  • SoftWheel uses 3 compression cylinders that absorb shocks / vibrations before they reach the user.
  • The wheel rim always remains rigid and strong while the suspension arms absorb the shock when encountering an obstacle or travelling over rough terrain.
  • The advanced suspension is placed around a central hub and actuates only when an obstacle is encountered, immediately returning the chair and remain rigid over flat surfaces.
  • This leads to a smoother, more efficient ride over any terrain.

What are the benefits of using SoftWheel Wheelchair Suspension? 


  • Clinical studies show the health risks associated with vibrations for wheelchair users include lower back pain, spinal problems and muscle fatigue.
  • Softwheel suspensions wheels absorbs shock and vibrations before they reach the user. This is proven to help reduce back / neck pain and tiredness.


  • Keeps you steady and stable while going over bumbs and obstacles.


  • Absorbs shock and vibrations over all types of terrain offering maximum comfort.


  • Gives you the freedom to go anywhere you want in your wheelchair!

Regular wheels vs SoftWheel


SoftWheel is proven to make a real difference in people's lives

"I had immediate relief from lower back pain after switching to SoftWheels" - Kimberly

"For me, SoftWheels are freedom!" - David

"Soft-roading is a breeze, moving over rougher ground without any significant sudden jolts. It reduces the impact transferred from frame to spine" - 


  • Size 24 & 25"
  • Hub AL6061 T6; high precision CNC
  • Rim AL6061 T6
  • Bearing diameter: US or European standard
  • Max user weight 136kg
  • Wheel weight 1.8kg
  • Drum brake Optional

SoftWheel 3 Full Suspension Wheels


Going down curbs in your wheelchair is easier with SoftWheel