We’ve recently expanded our range of riser recliners online, with a variety of styles and functions to suit the needs and preferences of every user.

Sitting Pretty logo

Sitting Pretty is the new name for Pride Mobility’s furniture range, what hasn’t changed is the high level of quality and service offered. Available in multiple styles with a huge range of fabric and motor combinations, we are happy to help you pick the perfect chair.

The Sitting Pretty collection boasts 5 motorised options, each with different features and benefits designed to enhance your comfort and seating experience.

Dual Tilt In Space

A tilt in space motor moves the back and leg in unison, keeping the user cradled in position without putting stress on the hips or lower back.

Hereford Harmony Riser Recliner

Harmony Dual

The smooth, silent dual-operated chair which is good for circulation has independent back and leg movement. The Harmony Dual also has 2 preset comfort modes for watching TV and snoozing putting you in the best position at the touch of a button. Model shown: Hereford Harmony


The deluxe has 2 individual motors, controlling the back and leg movement independently. This allows you to raise your legs above your hips while in an upright position, this position can aid with circulation or lower back pain and keep you in a comfortable pose for watching TV or reading a book. Model shown: Buxton Deluxe


The Premier option has 4 motors, controlling the position of the head rest, back, legs and adjustable lumbar support. As each motor can be operated individually, you can configure the chair into your perfected comfort position. Model shown: Dorchester Premier

Monmouth Premier Plus

Premier Plus

Taking the enhanced functionality of the Premier range, the Premier Plus also offers a tilt-in-space option and 2 programmable preferred positions allowing you to save your favourites and switch to it at the touch of the control. Throw in an additional heat function and the Premier Plus is the ultimate in adaptable rise recliner comfort. Model shown: Monmouth Premier Plus

Each of the models shown can be ordered for express dispatch, but should you wish to have a style with a different motor option, fabric choice or you want something custom made, give us a call to make an appointment for a showroom demo and discuss your many options.

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