It's been a busy few weeks at our Lisburn showroom as Stafford, our RGK wheelchair product specialist, completed a trio of handovers to happy new customers.

Amy is an existing RGK user but sought our help in finding a suitable powered handbike attachment. She chose the TriRide Foldable, a lightweight and convenient power attachment which makes both urban and off road travel much easier!

Triride foldable wheelchair power attachment

The folding Triride is small, light and compact, thanks to the sophisticated electronics that are made in Triride. It can handle loads of different types of terrain and is perfect for indoor and outdoor spaces and for those who love traveling alone. The Triride Foldable is versatile and lightweight and weighs just 7.5kg. With a range of around 20 miles and its own travel case, it's the perfect holiday companion!

Tommy collects his new made-to-measure RGK Tiga Sub 4. A testament to the quality of RGK, Tommy had his previous chair for almost 10 years but came to us when he decided it was time for a new model. We ensure all customers RGK wheelchairs are bespoke, from measurements and adjustments, as every user's needs are unique. The RGK Sub 4, as the name suggests, is a super lightweight activewheelchair weighing under 4kgs making it ultra-manoeuvrable and easy to transport.

RGK Tiga Sub 4

Made from aerospace grade aluminium, the Sub 4 has been engineered with passion and determination to ensure it is the lightest made wheelchair. The Sub 4 glides effortlessly due to the lightweight and rigid frame, but don’t think we have compromised on quality. The Sub 4 boasts all the same reliability features as the TIGA, and with the frame being very similar in design, you can be sure the Sub 4 isn’t just super light, but it’s super strong too! 


Rachel collected her new RGK Tiga this week, in custom metallic purple! She also chose the Smart Drive power attachment and FrontWheel attachment for added assistance and support.

RGK Tiga

The RGK Tiga is a made to measure, rigid wheelchair for all aspects of your busy life. Combining quality and tailored craftsmanship with innovation and design, TIGA is a fusion of our made to measure process with technology, flair and style. 

SmartDrive MX2+ Power Attachment

SmartDrive is a lightweight power assist for manual wheelchairs that helps users to go up hills and ramps, and cover extended distances without having to push. It offers a range of controls and activity tracking technology to deliver a seamless power assist experience that may reduce repetitive stress.

RGK FrontWheel All Terrain Attachment

RGK's FrontWheel All Terrain Wheelchair Add On was designed to improve your way of living.  Fitted and removed in seconds, it enables you to travel over any terrain (grass, cobbles, mud, gravel and other uneven ground) easily by keeping your front castor wheels off the floor at all times when you move in any direction, including backwards. 


If you would like any more information on the products shown or to arrange your own demonstration and assessment with our RGK specialist, please get in touch. We offer FREE demonstrations at our Lisburn showroom or we can call with you at home.

Stafford Lynn

RGK Product Specialist

028 9267 7077